Review: Talladega Nights


I heard that this movie was funny, but I wasn’t expecting much since Will Ferrel doesn’t make a great movie everytime. I had a feeling it would be funny, but I wasn’t sure how funny though. The movie was better then I predicted because Will Ferrel fit the character like a glove. It was hysterical since everyone’s lives revolved around racing and their attitudes towards racing and the american way. The part that was hilarous was Ali G’s part in the whole movie, he was Will Ferrel mortal enemy and this whole movie is just funny as hell. It was well made, and the actors fit their parts. If you like Will Ferrel then you will love this movie, and love him in this movie.

Link: IMDB
Rating: r3.5.bmp

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  1. Well, u said it… it was a funny movie b/c Ali G was part of it and not b/c of Ferrel… feee times ekoooooon wayeeeeeeeeed maleeeeeeeeeeeeq!

  2. I watched it yesterday! :|
    its funny, and I enjoyed it, but its the kind of movie that you can only see once.

  3. Me and Nibaq both thought it was terrible .. the jokes were too much on the stupid side.

  4. dude i would have given it a 4. its fucking hilarious, the funniest part is when will comes back and finds his best friend is getting married to his wife. second funniest part is when his dad teaches him how to drive. couldnt stop laughing, some really memorable moments.

  5. oohh i should really check this one out.. i love comedies !!
    but will ferrel sometimes plays really stupid parts, i hate how he looks madrii laish LOL he doesnt look like a person who can be serious ;p

  6. Bella: Ferrel wasnt bad in this movie, but Ali G did do a good job! El malaqah maraat etha7ik!

    Yazeed: Very true, you only watch it once!

    K: loooooooooooool! Sorry sometimes stupid hits the spot! hehehe

    Mark: I was laughing my ass off at that part.. but your sleeping with my wife! hehehehe

    Amo0ora: Will Ferrel isnt bad in this movie so you will probably be very entertained!

    Laialy: hehehe.. you do shoes! :)

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