Workout 51206


I was slightly drained that day but really really looking forward to hitting the gym. I changed at home and went in the Land Cruiser because I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain but I wasn’t going to try my luck. So I head over to the gym and I see a bunch of cars, and Arjan Complex filled with people like usual.

Im already in my gym cloths so I go up and I head straight to the elytpical that I always use. The funny part is that I have been using the same elyptical for the month and a half that I have been going to the gym. So I think Im sticking it!

On my left there was an elderly lady, and on my right on a treadmill there was an elderly man. Then I remember that they are couple and they are very nice. Last time I went on my bike they told me they like my bike, and like my gear! They were a very cute couple and even though they are pretty old they came to the gym together. It made me smile! Now you can’t ask much more then that.

After 30 mins on the elyptical I went to the machine which targets the back muscles and started from there. The salsa class was going at full swing and this time it was more organized, everyone seemed to have specific partners and do their thing. After that I was rotating between all the back machines, and started with some leg excercises. And just kept on going until I felt exhausted and I finished all the reps that I had to do. Then I went straight home for a nice shower and passing out for work.

It feels great after a nice warm shower!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. A3 the gym! Shakhbariiiiiiiii that’s so passé :p
    PS. So many posts, so little time :( inshalla after tomorrow I will have time :D

  2. Aleeh

    marzouq,take chances test your luck.You get life only once and you should take all kinds of chances after all we are free right. I stil think u should have used ur bike ,you should have that extrall thrill in ur life besides the usual stuff you post.

  3. your really getting into this whole gym phase..

    I should start going to the gym to work out, here in kuwait its all cars cars cars and no walking, i miss taking a walk to the shops or to a friends house or even to skool !!

    any gyms you recommend ?

  4. Laialy: hehehehe! inshalla you will have sometime!

    Aleeh: Using your brain is also part of day to day living, I think if you use it you realise your comment is futile ali. Enjoy your weekend. :)

    Amo0ora: yup, I need to! I want to keep going at it! I recommend C Club, but it all depends how much you want to spend. And what you are looking for, I like C Club because they have really good free weights and no annoying peopel as off yet! :)

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