Chill Weekend


I had a lot of work to do over the weekend, not specifically just work some of it was family related. But I managed to do quite a few different things. I was running around meeting people and visiting people. Thursday night I went over to my cousins place for a bit, it was my first chance to get on the bike all weekend even though it was at night. I didnt care I wanted to get on the bike since thursday morning I didnt go to work on the bike because it rained in the early morning and the roads were still damp.

Over at my cousins place we had some chinese food, and we watched two episodes of Heroes but I cut out early and headed home since I was tired. I was reconnecting my media pc back to the screen and testing things out. It was really fun just wiring things together and watching some anime on the big screen.

Friday morning I went out for a quick ride, and then I came back to find my nephew just arrived at our house. It was a fun day with the family and then I spent a little while entertaining my nephew after he woke up from his afternoon nap. Its fantastic that he has a good amount of energy, and the littlest things entertain him. I just love the weather was fantastic this weekend.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Loca in Kuwait

    Nice to hear that you had another great weekend, your pic makes me think of Norah Jones song “Come away with me”.

  2. chinese foooooooooooooood… glad u had a nice weekend

  3. So u weren’t in marina on friday….i was there just to spot u…:P

  4. Loca: That picture makes me think of Ba7ar and relaxing!

    Ananyah: loooool! Thanks! :)

    MAZE: I was early in the day! For two hours of riding on the gulf road!

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