New Years Anyone


Im most probably chilling in Kuwait for New Years. I really dont think that Im going anywhere, and I have spent a few New Years in Kuwait and you have to pretty much provide your own source of entertainment. New Years in Kuwait is just like any other day, no real feel to a new year. And thanks to all the religious MPs that we have they banned all types of concerts in Kuwait, which is ludicrous but it is still in effect. The events done at restaurants are horrible, and I went once and I wont repeat my mistake. I have spent New Years in different parts of the US and its extremely entertaining. Things were pretty good in Kuwait until the MPs wanted to intervene, for some reason every time they intervene they usually do something dumb, but they were voted in and nothing much can be done about it.

We were previously planning to go to Lebanon for New Years but that went out the window, and I hope things settle down soon. I havent been to Lebanon in over 4 years, and I was looking forward to seeing how it has changed. And going to anywhere in the Gulf is out of the question.

So I just hope for good weather on New Years day because I will be riding. I dont care how cold it is I will be riding New Years morning!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. K town should consider doing something big for new years i mean we have abraaj el Kuwait why not have a countdown there with fireworks and stuff i am sure it will sell

  2. i changed my new year’s plans a million times till i finally decided to spend it here. while we have many ‘concerts’ planned for new year’s and eid in bahrain, i, for one, would rather stay away from all the chaos hal sena! i would just like a nice quiet evening at home with my dear friends.

  3. Loca in Kuwait


    2nd year in a row that I will be here, but you can make it nice. Invite friends over, have good food and some nice kool-aid :) Last year people where setting off fireworks, so it made the night nice. Also just close your eyes, and you can just imagine you are in Las Vegas or Lebanon not the real thing but pretty close.

  4. Parents want me to go to Lebanon with them, but I declined! They still have their reservations and won’t cancel them until they really have to! Most likely I will be in Kuwait and the only reason I would leave is to go see Cirque de Soliel in Dubai!

  5. Jafar

    I actually think New Year’s eve is best with friends so Kuwait is the first choice once you get invited to a friend’s party or have frienfs at home. I do not see much fun being in Times Square with thousands of people around you but not a single friend !!!
    Nevertheless I will be spending the Event in Aqaba,Jordon with our Swedish friends that we have not seen in 3 yers.Have fun everyone !

  6. i know ur afraid of what will happen in lebanon but to reassure u, my plans are still on and all my friends are too. Also, many people who have cancelled are calling back to reserve again. Either way, hope u spend a blast new years

  7. i usually like staying home and doing nothing on New Years. This year I think Nat is going to force me to do something. If you don’t have anything come to Lebanon we go party together. Or maybe we can ditch Nat and go watch a movie.

  8. ya a countdown would be fun..
    to say the truth, nothing in kuwait has an effect, everyday is a normal day no matter what it is..

    and i hate the MP’s, the year i come baq to kuwait they stop all the concerts !!!

  9. We are two now Zouq…me too it seems i’m not going anywhere in new years…

  10. bazaar

    i love the picture of the apple on the window sill. Was that taken in kuwait, and do u have it in high resolution? If so, would u consider selling it to bazaar magazine to use as a cover.We would also give u credit on the intro page.

    please email [email protected]

  11. I dont know what I’m doing either… toss up between Paris with the family, Glasgow with my grandfather (boring!), or Glasgow with my Uni friends (fun), or Aberdeen with my best freinds in the UK (fun)


    Just sleep thru it!

  12. Laialy: At least that would be an event to look forward to instead of just shutting down!

    MSB: Hanging out with friends is always great! And I think that would be on the menu if the guys are still around!

    Stallion: Cirque de Soliel is fantastic! But I think they should cancel because things just dont seem stable there.

    Jafar: Inshalla you will have a fantastic time. What Im saying is going somewhere with friends or family not by yourself really! :)

    Fonzy: thanks man! But my plans weren’t really mine it was family, and I’m just tagging along. I have no real preference or place to spend new years, not this years anyway. But Lebanon seemed interesting!

    Mark: hahahahaha! Im down for a movie! hehehe

    AMo0ora: I know what you mean! I really hate the religious MPs! They have done nothing but take our country backwards 50 years! Your right in Kuwait every day seems the same! There isnt something that we could do thats entertaining!

    MAZE: Riding is an option! I would be chilling in Kuwait most probably!

    bazaar: Im sorry I can not sell the picture to you since I am not the owner of the photo.

    Ananyah: I know one thing for sure. You wont be sleeping through it! hehehehehe

  13. tuna

    i break up with my bf the night of new year eve.. so i thought to myself what a good way to start my year..!! however, am wondering now cos am having a mix feeling about it.. is t a good idea to stay single or got involve.. it’s a lot of emotions and efforts involved.!!
    i gusse time will only show me how 2007 will turn to be becuase we can not predict anything for the future..
    at the end of free a brid now waiting to get caought again!

  14. tuna: It all depends how you feel about it, are you happier in the end.. its not just the feeling of being someone, but are your days less filled with trouble then before. Like you said time will tell, for now enjoy your freedom, and enjoy the people around you!

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