It is basically an extremely well crafted type of watch, quite a few manufacturers make tourbillon type watches and one of my pet peeves are these types of watches. I usually like my to be industrial looking, and rough so that I wouldn’t be afraid to use and I do like nice watches. A good watch always catches my eye, and some of them really amazing.


The pricing of these watches reflect the amount of work going into it. The price range of tourbillon watches is between $90’000 up to $1’000’000 and these watches most probably do not have any type of jewellery attached to it. I extremely dislike any male watch that is literred with jewellery I think they are very tacky.

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  1. they look nice, i usually like Taghuer watches on guys, they suit them ;p

  2. Loca in Kuwait

    I like the secone one, it looks rugged and manly. I don’t think I have ever seen these watches as knock offs, but even those would be in the thousands. I like watches but I like to match cloths with watches, can’t have a dressy watch with jeans vice verse.

  3. Loca in Kuwait

    oops secone=second not enough coffee

  4. moocherx: The first one is $11’500! hehehe.. and your right that Casio does look smart!

    Amo0ora: Taghuer was just a trend in my opinion and its too small for my liking!

    Loca: hehehehe! yeah I like the second one more but still pretty expensive! hehehe

    MAZE: They are too thin for my liking!

    ananyah: Until you see the first one in real life you really can’t judge it! :)

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