Need to Hibernate


I need one day to sleep in, and do nothing all day. Something that would require very little effort from my brain. The only thing I would have to do is think about what I want to eat or watch. And then I would get a good nights sleep.

I have been operating on overdrive for the past 11 days now that I feel beat up by the time I sleep. I woke up this morning feel like I was lifting 1000Kgs and my body was dead. When I lifted myself out of bed I felt so damn heavy, and my alarms at a high volume are having a hard time waking me up. The curtain are open yet I dont seem to be able to get up that easily. The only reason Im getting up is because I know I have deadlines and my time is commited after work to family and others. Its not really that I have a choice, somethings are just really out of my hands.

I need to just pass out one day to get a good nights sleep, and I dont want to waste my friday not being able to ride or do what I want so I dont sleep in. Im feeling everything from this week and last week.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Eddy

    lol take a break from work for a couple of days..relax…..

  2. Laialy: Sometimes these weeks and days come.

    Eddy: I know seriously but I cant too much on the plate! Im going nuts! hehehe

  3. take a sick leave on thurs or sun (since u work in a private sector i assume) and sleeeeep… 7aram… have some rest 3ala shan u can enjoy ur day…

    Best of luck :)

  4. Oofff i totally get what your on about.. take a break from work travel to another close by country and just relax for 2 days,
    no phones no connection to the rest of the world.. just R E L A X

    Iv always wanted to do that but im always scared i would lose out on something..

    alllahh y3eeeenik ! 0o noom il.3awafy (when you get to it)

  5. Loca in Kuwait

    When your deadlines are finished let them know you will be off on a thur. Sleep thur all day, then ride late thur and fri. Put a sign on your blog, Gone Sleeping, back in 2 days. I hope you have a good rest when it comes.

  6. Bella: I only have Friday off! I still work on Saturday! I wish I could take Thursday off! I wish I could just relax but it isnt easy taking off!

    Amo0ora: I agree with you on everything! I want to swim and pass out next to a pool! Mashkoora, I really need to pass out completely one day.

    Loca: Thank you very much and that idea sounds ingenious! Just leaving a sign that would be funny! hehehehe

    Fonzy: I think we should go somewhere to relax!

  7. yalla don’t nag u have ten days coming on new years and adha…u’ll hibernate till next year….

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