Two Movies

I really feel like watching a movie in the theater. I haven’t done that in a long time since most of the movies are butchered in Kuwait due to the censorship program of the religious MPs which are rediculously pointless and childish.


That aside I have really wanted to watch the Gridiron Gang with The Rock, and I really like the guy in the movies. He has this cool type of character just like in Walking Tall. I usually like sports movies especially American Football movies, and this movie came out a few days after my visit to the states came to an end. So now its in Kuwait and I dont think there is much to be cut in this movie. So I will be checking it out.


The other movie I want to see is the The Guardian since some bloggers mentioned that it isnt that cut up compared to Casino Royale. So I have two choices at this point, but I’m leaning towards the Gridiron Gang.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Loca in Kuwait

    Treat yourself, theres nothing like booming speakers with a huge screen to watch. Salty popcorn tops it off.

  2. Eddy

    forget gridiron gang…..go watch the guardian…its the type of movie u have to watch at the cinema….with all the helicopters, rescuing,fires,etc…

  3. The Guardian was an amazing movie! You need to see it! But they will censor the bar scene, the sex scene and all the kissing scenes hahaha I say travel to Dubai and watch all the movies you want in a day!

  4. i’ve seen blood diaomond and de ja vue in nyc the other day, the movies are way longer than in kuwait… and not a single nude scene in those two.. or kissing . they cut in kuwait for time reasons as well !

  5. Eddy

    when i watched the movie i only noticed them cutting out the kiss scenes…..but to me the cuts didn’t affect the plot or flow of the story….but yeah…..u have to see this movie…

  6. Loca: I agree!

    Eddy: The Guardian it is then! Thanks!

    ananyah: I told you I was thinking of doing that before!

    Bloo: They cut for time reasons?!?!?! What the hell! I didnt know that! Damn it all!

    Laialy: It seems everyone is pushing for Guardian! hehehe! I think Im going to watch that then!

  7. jane

    i’ll save you sometime i went to see them both and they both suck so hard
    if you must go ,go see slow burn its ALOT better than those two i went to see it today in muhalab

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