Molton Brown


There was a Molton Brown craze in Kuwait a few years back, I dont know how it exactly it came about, but damn I love the smell of the Molton Brown soap. I remember the first time I tried it was on the British Airways flight and I know that helped spread the name of Molton Brown like wild fire.

The funny part is during that period they immediatly opened a store in Kuwait which closed after sometime, I wasnt aware how long it took, and I didnt know why it wasnt succesful here since lots of people really like it. I was in the states at the time and you had to order from the UK to get the product so I used to order the soap just to wash my hands with. It was clean and it smelt so damn nice. They also had a really nice aftershave cream, some people like Nivea and I like it too but the Molton Brown was a little different and felt good. I dont even know if they sell Molton Brown anywhere in Kuwait, but I will be asking someone to pick some up for me from London if they are stopping by anytime soon in London.
Link: Molton Brown

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  1. Noufa

    No need to despair :)
    they actually have a small counter for Molton Brown Products in Va Va Voom .

  2. 1. You have very good taste.
    2. Where’s Va Va Voom?
    3. Just let me know what you want, if you can’t find it at VVV.

  3. How twisted is my mind that as soon as my eyes hit the title my mind hit booze related places?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink (for religious reasons obviously), the sight of the stuff in airport duty frees makes me twitchy, but I fell in love with the art of bartending over the course of several movies, most prominently pre-openly crazy Cruise’s Cocktail. I kept researching, making imaginary drinks for friends because what’s not cool about being a bartender (outside of the whole evils of alcohol business). Also I could always channel the knowledge into writing a character in that line of work, and hey presto, nothing wasted.

    Although, that whole Molton/Molson thing may have had something to do with my love of all things Canada. Because if you’re going to write a Canadian character *of course* they’re going to be all snooty and all ‘you Americans and your screwing in a canoe beer’.

    Umm.. as you can see I am overly obsessed with characterization. And I write comments that are way too long.

    P.S. moocherx Va Va Voom is in Marina Mall near the end, on the side across from The One.

  4. Va Va Voom is in Marina Mall .. ummm its in the back, near the davidoff tobacco center, not the one in Maddison Avenue ;( !! the sucky little one in Marina :@ ! gosh

  5. guys they keep changing the stores once in a while…I was searching for vvv last time and someone told me its now at the otherside!

    marz…try their quilaja hairwash…its really good…I am squeezing hard the the shaving cream tube for the last one month LOL….I need to get a new one now…..its expensive…but worth.

  6. il bring u some in april u big girls blouse :P

  7. ilq8tiyeeeeen booohba… kel mara ehboooon eb shay just b/c its new… Even Fruits & Passion closed. there products smelled soo nice!!

    Taby? Im coming back this week ;)

  8. lavender

    am leaving on junary ,, want me to buy you

  9. good goood, i love thier products, i remember when they had a store in marina but it clossed soon..

    my bro is coming in 5 days, i got him to get me some, you want anything ?

    Im also going to january..

  10. Noufa: I will be looking for it!

    Moocherx: Thanks moocherx!

    SnoCone: Im happy I can remind you of the movie, and I know what you mean! I love that movie too, and I can appreciate the skill that goes into making a drink. Never really cared for it, but still it seems interesting! heheheh.. why are the cool people always bartenders! hehehe

    Laialy: loool! Yeah they went a bit crazy for it for some odd reason!

    Ananyah: looool!

    Bella: I know what you mean, kila ehiboon. Mashkoora for the offer!

    lavender: I dont want you to buy me, but thank you for the offer! hehehe! Again I appreciate it! :)

    Amo0ora: Thank you very much, but I will try to find it here.

    Thank you everyone for offering to get me the soap and aftershave, I was just saying that I love it and would like to find it. I appreciate your efforts in helping me, and Im awwed by all of your kindness and helpfulness. If I cant find it I will let you know that I need it! Thank you again all of you!

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