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Social Networking has been an insane craze over the past 4 years, it really heated up over the past couple of years. The one that got really big because it was the first was MySpace, and it has a huge following in North America. And then other ones started coming out like hi5, Facebook, and LiveSpaces. The one that seems to be all over Kuwait is hi5 and I really have no clue why it has spread insanely.

Personally Im not much for the social networking because in Kuwait its a pretty small community, and I think blogs are a lot more useful in conveying opinions, information, entertainment, and news. I think that hi5 and MySpace aren’t as socially connecting as something like Facebook. I think Facebook is more professional regarding how people connect and they know each other, but the other two you just simply keep adding people. When I see somebody have 300+plus friends I think thats a little rediculous. I’m not even really sure how some of these social networking websites work, but I keep seeing friends who do use it. I still haven’t seen anyone use LiveSpaces, but they had a late entry into this game.

It does have some of its uses though, which connect people who haven’t seen each other in a long time. I keep hearing about long lost friends meeting up again and that in itself is a fantastic thing. For myself I dont think I would be joining any of these websites anytime soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i found friends from elementary/primary school back when i used to live in germany, on livespace. that was awesome!!

  2. I keep in touch with friends in Aberdeen using BEBO.COM

    I joined Facebook the other day cause Jackie forced me, but I did fund tons of old friends!

    I have MySpace too to keep in touch with close friends

    I have Hi5 but I hate it, full of asswipes and I rarely go on it!

  3. I prefer Facebook to all of the above simply because at first it was highly exclusive, catering to Northern America and European Colleges and such, and if you had a University email then you could sign up but now that they opened it up I kind of am reluctant but I still prefer it to hi5.

  4. Exactly, facebook is more profound and more reliable for serious social networking. Hi5 is for “online-dating” IMO, and kinda lost its touch. However, myspace still the favorite social-networking website for most mainstream Americans.

  5. Orkut ( is another popular service. Personally, I don’t find these social networking services very useful. Initially, it can be cool and you can see updates on friends and family; but soon people start having anything from 100 to 300 ‘friends’ and then it just gets crazy.

    Moreover, I feel that if you’ve got a blog then that is enough to keep an online presence. And as pointed out by Angelo, social networking services also have a tendency to quickly turn into online dating spots with a lot of pests.

  6. Extinct Dodo: Thast cool!

    Ananyah: So you got the mix of the whole thing!

    Jacqui: the connections are good, but the harassment is horrible!

    Laialy: hmmm I wouldnt know!

    Angelo: I think that is the consensus!

    Sabah: Thats the other one I couldnt figure out! Its the connections that are helpful, but the dating spots are just annoying as hell.

  7. Sandesh

    I personally advocate against these social networking websites like (Myspace, Orkut, Facebook and Hi5). Initially it was fun to get in touch with old friends but after some time I realized that your personal life no more remains personal.

  8. Sandesh: I dont really advocate against it, I just think some sites are useful and some arent. Im don’t find it useful for myself, and if others find it enjoyable for themsevles then more power to them.

  9. Sandesh

    Everyday the number of victims of Rape, Phishing, Crime, etc are increasing through these websites. So, I think the creators should think over the way these websites work.

  10. Sandesh: I think they might be implying more security measures, but at the same time they can’t be held responsible for people who are incapable of protecting themselves from online problems. Basically its like ISPs should be blamed for viruses that people get from online. Its about people being educated about what they can and can’t do online.

  11. sandesh

    I am not holding the creators alone responsible for it. What I mean to say is, the way these systems are designed should be reconsidered to avoid the crimes.

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