Heart Attack Grill




Double Bypass Burger

Taste … Worth Dying For!

There isnt much I can say about this place, some people will compare it to Hooters but the only decent thing there are the Wings. This place seems to genuinely have good burgers and some interesting waitresses to add to that. Its funny that this place is causing a stir, but I think this would be the most successful restaurant in Kuwait. Forget about the lines for Krispy Kreme, this place would need the riot police station outside. Some will love and some will hate it, I dont care as long as the burgers are good. The funny part is that they really have their own comic strip on the website.

Link: Heart Attack Grill

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  1. In Kuwait they would fill the staff with poorly paid filipino women; it would be akin to a cheap brothel then restaurant.

  2. remove these zexy bictures or i report you to minizdry…..not allowed to post sexy bics in kuwait. haram

    :[email protected]

  3. yeah… u only care about the burgers!! with waitresses like those, i will eat dirt!! :P

  4. Hmmmmm…..when is the opening?…I want a juicy boob burger!

  5. K: Assume they would all be eastern European, or from Morocco! loool!

    Toxy: loooooooooool!

    Angelo: hehehehe.. yeah it seems like that!

    Fonzy: hahaha.. that made me laugh at work!

    MAZE: hahahaha.. you went to the menu!

  6. They had this on the news the other day because the nurses (real ones) were upset that people had that perception of the seductive nurse. They are located here is Tempe, well not here like 2 hours away :p

  7. I wanna work there hahahahahahha I like the costumes :p

  8. Laialy: loool! So you should drive to it and take pictures for us! hehehe

    Ananyh: loool! I dont think they would employ you! hahahaha

  9. why not! My boobs are big enough to fit in :P

  10. ananyah: Its too big thats the problem! lool!

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