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Some labor laws in Kuwait are just rediculous!

Kids should learn responsibility, there should be laws protecting them from working too much but give them a chance to earn their own money and learn the value of it. Even low pay can help them learn the value of things instead of sitting at home and not having anything to do.

These kids running around in the streets could learn the tools they need to move forward if they had a chance to work. I remember the first time I had a chance to work in the US my first pay check felt like a million bucks, I was on top of the world that day and I wanted to do something rediculous so I invited all my friends out to dinner. I couldnt have been happier since I earned it. Even when I was in Kuwait I used to do part time jobs for the family while I was a kid and that 40KD meant that I could buy at least 10 Sega Games from the place in Salmiiya a while back.
All Im saying is that the kids I see these days have nothing to do and they are turning into brats because of it. If you teach them to get on their own to feet then they will have this inclination to work and become productive. When I see friends who work after classes going to Best Buy to do the night shift, working part-time as a waiter, temp secretary, or any other job you give them the real oppurtunity to work in the real world.

I know there are a few places that allow kids to work in the summer, but when Im talking about is kids who want to work part time after school. What about families who depend on their children to work because they dont have the complete ability to keep the family afloat. I am talking about working in a real enviroment not the child labor abuse that you see in the Kuwait traffic intersections.

I have the deepest respect for a friend of mine who kept his family afloat while they were going through hard times and still working on his sport medical degree. His major is difficult and he worked many hours, and there is not enough I could say about this person except that he has my deepest respect.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Excellent post M. When I was 16, the way things work in the UK, I WANTED to work at the local supermarket on the weekends, and so did all my friends. We got well paid for doing crappy things like collecting trolleys from the car park and stacking shelves with tins of baked beans on the night shift. But it gave us the sense of the value of money – something too many people today just don’t have a chance to learn.

    But trust me… things are bad in other places worldwide. When I live in Shanghai a couple of years back, one makor social problem was the 1-child policy. Parents – only being allowed to have 1 child to stop the population from overheating – were really treating their kids like spoilt brats, giving them anything they wanted (which has led to a significant and problemaitc rise in obesity in China), and letting them run around like maniacs without any discpline.

  2. oops… didn’t notice my typos “lived” “major”… I should have been given the sense of the value of typing, not money.

  3. Eddy

    i think ur 100% right… 14 and ive always wanted to work somwhere so i can save up money for myself….but sadly….there arent any oppurtunities…..

  4. moocherx: yeah I know what you mean, spoiled kids annoy the hell out of me. I dont care about what some does or spends on as long as they have a value for what they are doing and getting. Working while young teaches you those values!

    Eddy: Yeah, its difficult to do that around here.

  5. I completely agree with you but there are little opportunities available for children. In the summer they have the jam3iyah thing going on, I heard byt lothan do something for kids in the summer too and maybe the mat7af el 3ilmy but nothing else :/

  6. Sadly enough some of our older generations find it demeaning to work in places like McDonalds, Virgin, Starbucks or the likes to make a bit of extra cash but luckiliy Bait Lothan has a Summer session in which it employs teenages in the summer in different areas, some in Sultan Center and the likes.

    But I would’ve loved to have done some work during summers and such back in High School or even Middle School. Luckily I had an opportunity when Bait Lothan had Summer Camps which my parents worked in, to actually do something in my summer and that was a Teacher Assistant to some unruly spoiled kids :/ But it was something, something which I didn’t get paid for :P

  7. It’s the parents fault at last…i was spoiled child at first coz i’m the only son in the family…i admit i haven’t worked any summer jobs…but i first started working when i enrolled in university and my first salary was like the biggest lottery ticket any one could win……hamella it’s been like 11 years now i haven’t taken a penny from my parents….and i’m happyyy!….but i always find some extra deposits in my bank account…..:P

  8. Laialy: Im talking about opportunities to work during the week and during the school year not just the summer. And something a little more then just what Bayt Lothan offers, and I think its great what they do. I just wish there was more options and things to do, and I wish the government would encourage it.

    Jacqui: I know what your talking about, about working in certain places. I dont completely understand what they mean about being demeaning. I really think its a good thing to be given the opportunity to work.

    MAZE: loool! Well at least you know it now, and its really good to be independent. Its what you learn from working really, thats why I think its a good thing to work part time.

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