Like A Log


I think my sleep has been catching up with me the past two weeks. On Tuesday I went to work an hour and half late since I just couldn’t get up. I woke up and looked at my watch and then I looked at my phone to count the missed calls. It wasn’t that much so I wasn’t too worried and I got up and went, but that was just one day of the week.

Then another day I came back from work and some family were in the house and I was sitting with them then 20 minutes later I passed out on the couch, and 10 minutes after that I transfered to the bed for a little nap. A two hour nap which didn’t feel like it did the job.

I think I want to go somewhere for a few days and just relax without any phone calls, I just want some movies, good food, internet, and some place to chill. Someplace I could sleep like a log and wake up only when I feel like I can move.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Why don’t you check in at a hotel…seriously. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just somewhere you can feel some serenity.

  2. Angelo: It has to be somewhere with full service for me.. I just want to think about nothing!

    MAZA: Nope.. no internet! hehehe

    Laialy: kalamich sa7 100%!

  3. Loca in Kuwait

    Failaka has internet in the lobby, but the rooms are not fancy and no room service. But for a “roughing” it trip very nice, feels nice to ride a bicycle with open space to roll.

  4. Loca: you mean in Failaka island?!?!? REally! I would want to take my motorcycle there and enjoy myself a bit! hehehe!

  5. Loca in Kuwait


    Yes they do, and there is two ferry’s to take you there. But the one that you can put your bike on takes longer than the hydro one. But if you have a good friend you two should go, no traffic to block your way either so you can ride as long as you want.

  6. Loca: I wonder how long it takes. I haven’t been to failaka in over 10 years! I dont even know what is or isn’t available there, it would be interesting to check it out though.

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