Watching Anime


This past week I haven’t had much time to do all I wanted to do, especially ride but at least I got to watch some anime and really enjoy that. I have found some of my friends who are getting addicted to anime and they are expressing how they feel when watching it and getting caught up with it. So I told them they shouldn’t have blamed me for loving it from day one.

Here is what I have watched this past week:

  • Bleach
  • Fafner
  • Shadow Skill
  • Naruto
  • Guyver TV

I like watching new anime, but its annoying when watching it and not having the continuing episodes! I go nuts trying to figure out whats going to happen next so lately I have been piling up with anime.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ya know I have been watching Naruto on and off, so I always miss like 6 episodes or so on TV. Finally, I decided to watch it again via youtube (I watch the dubbed version; in fact, I think I’m one of the few who enjoy the dubbed version of Naruto). Anyway, yesterday, I almost cried over Episode 19 (you know the episode where Zabuza and Haku pass away). I honestly didn’t expect a series like Naruto could put me on the verge of crying LOL.

    I will catch Bleach later but now, I’m all hooked with Naruto again :)

  2. Pétalo

    I usually don’t like watching long series. The only exception to this are Maison Ikkoku (96 episodes) and Inu-Yasha (167 episodes), and I eventually gave up on the later somewhere at the end of the third season.

    Have you seen Basilisk?

  3. Angelo: yeah, I cant watch the dubbed version or else I would go nuts! looool! Im at episode 211 of Naruto! Download and watch it! Its much better that way!

    Petalo: These new animes do a better job with the long episodes in my opinion! Yeah I have seen Basilisk and I really like it! It was really a great anime!

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