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These are the shows the shows that I am currently downloading and Im storing up! I dont think I have had a chance to watch all of them yet, but Im just storing up for a time when I dont have anything to do and I can sit down and watch the whole thing. 24 will always be on my list! and then there are the other shows that I heard were good so Im downloadin everything I can get my hands on at this point.

What I am currently watching over the past couple of weeks is:

  • Heroes
  • Stargate Altantis
  • Smallville Season 5

I know for a fact that American Dad and Family Guy are going to be hilarious so Im not even worried about those two. The rest seem to be a good list as well, I just hope I have time to watch all of them.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 24, a bit more than month away, woohooooooo

  2. Dude. Stargate Atlantis rocks like a rocking thing. I’ m totally in love with the dynamic between McKay and Sheppard. The beautiful wonderful snark. I know how most people focus on Sheppard, but McKay, god Mckay. He has there tragic expression on his face, a sad crooked mouth, he’s bitchy, snarky, brilliant, arrogant, bitchy, a huge geek, bitchy, and he can kill you with his BRAIN. I find physicists and mathematicians incredibly fascinating and I totally want to adopt McKay. Add to that that David Hewlett is a total geek in real life (at least that’s how he comes across in his blog) and I think that Rodney is one of my favorite characters of all time. All of that even without the fanfiction I came across once with Rodney getting turned into a stuffed tyrannosaur toy. There was this part that had him under someone’s bed chasing dust bunnies and going grrr argh. Yes, SGA is teh crack.

  3. Yazeed: Its 3 weeks away to be exact! loooll

    SnoCone: The show would be nothing without McKay he keeps making me laugh every god damn time! I just can’t help it! he cracks me up! looool! Im happy somebody else loves this show as much as me! I just keep downloading nonstop!

  4. Yeah? Where from? I bought season 1 but still haven’t ordered SGA. I’m doing the whole buy/dl debate. Wait for delivery or judt do it. The thing is SGA’s torrents on mininova are problematic.
    The thing is I’m borrowing SG1 from my uncle (who has all 9 sets) so I’m occupied with that, since I’m still on S2, after which I have Battlestar Galactica still in shrink wrap, so I’m thinking order and wait.

    Oh btw, shows you should also watch: House (seriously Hugh Laurie as a snarky bitchy misanthorpic genius, gold), Supernatural (because brothers, roadtrip, demons, all kinds of weapons, is a perfect combo), and Firefly (14 episodes of sweet sweet perfection).

  5. SnoCone: I tempted then to download more! I use to find episodes or, the 2nd one is private, but you should download since SGA is available a lot online! If you have a laptop I can transfer all the espisodes I have for you onto your PC! Its that damn good! I will also check out those shows, my cuz has House so Im grabbing them from him but Supernatural and Firefly I heard about but never looked into! I probably should at this point!


    if they added some penguins in heroes it would be AMAZING (said is a very high tone of voice)

  7. Laialy: loool! Yeah Heroes is great! Im really enjoying it!

  8. House is cool, because it’s both a brilliant medical show and it has amazing characterization. I have an odd way of picking TV shows. My top priority is the characters. They have to be real, flawed, layered, complicated, preferably morally ambiguous and painfully human. My second priority is the dialogue; it has to be sharp, witty, smart, and cutting. Then come inter-character relationships and chemistry (not necessarily romantic). After that is overall plot, then episodic story lines.

    I meant S2, that I still haven’t downloaded, and I’m thinking I want the dvds. I actually have the Firefly box set which I’ve been dying to share with anyone but huh, the logistics don’t work. :/ It’s… words fail me. Calling it amazing, tragic, beautiful, doesn’t do it justice. Regarding Supernatural, I have every episode aired on cds, if in a lowish resolution for space. This show is about the brotherly angst. It is aaaall about the action and emotional pain. You should totally give it a whirl.

    Another show I’m considering is Dexter, seen a few eps, and am intrigued. The concept alone rocks my world.

    Also, Heroes is cool so far. 24 I didn’t connect with for some reason. Prison Break lost me near the end of its first season, I don’t know why. The Vanished was a little too… Da Vinci Code for me, and then they axed Gale. The rest range from maybes to never considereds.

    Oh, and also? If you don’t have delicate sensibilities and can stand what HBO things is acceptable viewing material. I’m not to hot on some of it (blood and gore, yay, erotica not so much), but Rome is a work of genius.

    PS Sorry for stalking your blog but I’m booooored. And writer blocked. And avoiding Word and the accusing stare of its blank pages.

  9. You know what would work for you as well?

    Friday Night Lights… It’s a show about FOOTBALL! and you’re a FOOTBALL FREAK! So you should start downloading it!

  10. chr0nik

    u should try Daybreak and Sleeper Cell.

  11. all r great choices. havent seen prison break but heard a lot about it

  12. SnoCone: No problem what so ever! I really enjoy your comments! You speak your mind which is a great thing! I have seen Rome and love it, its a great show, but I can understand why you would get lost with Prison Break, but it is a great show really. I really enjoy how you broke down the reasoning of liking a specific show.

    Jacqui: lol! Thanks I forgot about that show! Im doing to dl it too then! hehehe

    lfc-q8: Thank you for that fantastic website!

    Chronik: are they any good? I will check em out too!

    Fonzy: There are too many shows to download at this point! People gave me more now. hehehe

  13. lfc-q8

    Z if u need an amazing torrent site let me know ;)

  14. lfc-q8: Thanks! I think Im good right now, I keep finding what im looknig for so its working out! hehehe

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