Hectic and Relaxing


I didnt have time to sit down today but my cousin called me yesterday to ask me if I wanted to go to the movies and I thought “on a weekday?!?!?!… why the hell not!” I need a change.. a complete change to my usual schedule throughout the week and I have to say that I really needed it. I was running around all monday on the phone, meeting people, and shooting emails whenever possible. It was insane! I didn’t have time to breath all day, and so I was looking forward to the movie, and then he called asked if 5pm is fine compared to 7pm. I said thats fine with me and I would make it.

He told me the theater we are going to is Muhalab, and I have never been to Muahalab in Hawalli before, but I have to say that the theater is HUGE! It was fantastic! We went and saw Eragon and I was happy as hell that we were in the theater. The theater was fit for 200 and I think there was a max of 14 people in there! It was fantastic! The movie finish 6:50pm and so we headed back to my cousins place to get some grub and watch something else.


And we chose Smallville. I have to say that Lois Lane is soooooooo much hotter then Lana Lang, since she entered the picture Im not that much interested in Lana Lang anymore! I love her tough girl attitude and her hard ass thing to her! Its like she would kick your ass if she likes you sort of attitude, and the relationship between her and Clark is fantastic! hehe..

It was a nice chill day.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. cinema at 5…i’ll never do it!

  2. Coolness, although I’m not sure I’d have chosen Eragon, despite my 11-year-old cousin’s glowing review and my affection for dragons.

    Smallville. I hesitate to watch it. On one hand it’s effin Supes, the early years, the amazing level of fiction coming out of the fandom, and my thing for teh Rosenbaum. On the other hand the apparent plot gaps and jarring continuity problems I keep hearing about (which have caused people who I know in the fandom to tear their hair out in frustration and bleed out of their eyes) as well as Tom Welling’s annoying face and his less than stellar acting skills.

  3. I totally agree, Lois is hotter than Lana……mmmmmmm Lois

  4. Now you know why Muhallab is my favorite Cinema place. That cinema room is the largest one and when its all EMPTY you get to have fun with high quality sound and video and quietness all around you! You get to live in the movie!

  5. Amo0ora: Mashkoora!

    MAZE: I never did it before, but the change was good!

    SnoCone: You would be surprised its a pretty damn good movie! Come on! I like Tom Welling I think his clumsy skills is really who Clark Kent was because he was kind and clueless with a white heart! Thats the superman you want! And it just keeps getting better and better!

    iKuwait: Thank you!

    Jacqui: I think its good when there is nobody there, but the crowd it might attract good be bothersome! But your right its a great sound and just great!

  6. Ohohoho, you really shouldn’t have started this discussion with me. This morning I was brushing my teeth and formulating a quick reply that quickly grew and mutated. My mind delved into the whole comic book character/superhero world, Superman/Batman debate that’s always running somewhere in the back compartments of my brain. As a reply this would be so long so I’m going to have to do a whole Superman psyche, comics, movie, tv show, vs Batman psyche. I’m off to the chalet today but first thing when I get back you’ll get it. You have bitten off waaaaay more than you can chew my friend, way way more. You really shouldn’t tempt me with character analyses you really really shouldn’t.

    And regarding Eragon, you had me at Jeremy Irons. Or possibly fantasy genre.

  7. SnoCone: looooooool! I like that you have that debate in your head too! I cant wait to see Batman Dark Knight! its going to be sweet! Im always a fan of the underdog! I like his dark mind and his internal battles as well as his external battles! Now he is one messed up hero! You gotta love him! looooool! O inshalla you will enjoy Eragon! Inshalla testaseen min shalaih ba3ad!

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