Room Temp


There is a funny thing about my room is because I have multiple pcs, hardware, and other electronics running in my room even when Im asleep! They have to be productive, I really can’t shut them down because I feel like I’m not taking advantage of my internet solution and I need to make sure Im downloading, burning dvds overnight, or something at least. And so my room is always a few degrees hotter during the day or night.

Even with this cold I switch on the A/C for a bit or open my window for bit to get my room ice cold before going to sleep. The last couple of nights I haven’t had to do either because its been so cold outside. My room with normal temperature outside has been 73F and I like it to be 70 and below. With the weather the way it is these days my room has been 70F and I like that. Except in the morning when I had to go to work early it was 7C outside and it was freezing. I like it cold really, and hopefully it wont be raining too much. But like others have mentioned with the cold its making hard to get up in the morning.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. tell me about it! i dont want to leave the house cuz it’s too cozy and nice indoors and cold outdoors! and if it’s raining, forget about it. rain in any other country might be nice.. here = puddles and bad drivers!!

    good thing i’m on vacation! =)

  2. 70 is too cold for me, i’d be in winter clothes inside the house

  3. MSB: Vacation! Im still stuck at work! Damn it all! I dont mind driving in the rain its just the other idiots on the road!

    Laialy: I used to sleep at 67F in the apartment in the states! looool!

  4. The equipment I run isn’t enough to keep my room warm :/

  5. 3baid: if I have em all on they produce a substantial amount of heat! So in the summer it sucks! hehehe

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