Review: Eragon


This movie is based on the book Eragon and in the movie it has a a great storyline development with the dragon. Eragon has fantastic effects, and a very believable dragon. I like the actors they picked to fit the characters, but I just wished Jeremy Irons had more in it then he did and John Malkovich is in the movie and he is brilliant he didnt have a great role but he played his character amazingly, he seems to have a huge role in the sequel. This gives you enough to make you happy and sets it up for the sequel. Overall Im very satisfied even though I know this is the first part of two and I cant wait to see part two. If you like fantasy/sci-fi then you will love this movie, and in Kuwait there was only one or two cut scenes it didn’t have any affect really.

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  1. Purgatory

    You are a legal kind of guy ha :P no torrents or anything?

  2. the day we watched “The Holiday” we were going to watch this movie but we didn’t … i don’t know how i feel about movies with dragons i don’t think i fancy them too much

  3. Mo Hat

    kickass movie, i cant wait for sequel. and same about not too much of jeremy irons :(

  4. Purg: I do tons of torrents! hehehe! And I watch anything I can in the theater that Im sure wouldnt be cut if possible!

    Laialy: If you like fantasy then you would love it! But if your not into then you wouldn’t be much into it really.

    Mo Hat: yeah! I wanted Jeremy Irons to be more bad ass really!

  5. malkovich always plays his parts amazingly. looking forward to watching it altho u r the first person with a good review on it

  6. Purgatory

    As I said, you are legal with thameer :P

  7. Fonzy: Malkovich is always awesome! Happy you enjoyed the review!

    Fractal: sorry! hehehe

    Purg: hehehe yala 7amdilla! I would buy legal dvds if they wouldn’t hold it for 6 months too!

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