Review: Netgear Gigabit Wireless Router


Netgear WNR854T


  • Very Clean looking
  • Has never hung on me after extreme downloading on torrent and wireless streaming
  • Gigabit transfer between wired pc and NAS was excellent. I was transferring 10 to 15 GBs in under 9 minutes.
  • Interface can be used by a person with basic networking knowledge and advanced networking knowledge very easy to configure.
  • Has a lot of features including access list for wireless, DMZ, port forwarding, and most standard features.


  • Wireless powerful only in close range meaning within 15 meters of it, I go roaming at list 25 meters away. Needs antenna to strengthen signal but no where to insert the connection if wanted.
  • Price is still a bit high around $140
  • You have to get Netgear solution to work the Pre-N settings, so no real benefit there.

Note: You must use CAT6e cables to get the best wired performance.

Link: Amazon

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    1. marz donja think wireless stuff is not yet mature :P ? coz interoperability is still in question….netgear talks only with netgear cousins….this is BS.

    2. I want terrabit ethernet/wireless :P

    3. Cyber: Your right about the wireless N without standardization but I was going for the Gigabit routing more the anything since I do a lot of transfers between the PCs, and NAS. So the substantial speed has been better for me!

      3baid: You wont see that for at least another 5 years, and thats assuming things go smoothly.

    4. nuos

      does it have a ADSL modem?

      if not how you connected ?

    5. nuos: Nope its not an ADSL modems those dont have as close to the functionality as these routers do. I connect the Qnet ADSL modem into this router. Thats it!

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