British Airways Bag Updates


FYI People! For those who are traveling on British Anywhere

I am writing to advise you about our new simplified checked and excess baggage policy that comes into effect on 13 February 2007.

The maximum weight per bag when flying with British Airways has been reduced to 23kgs to align us with the UK Department for Transport health and safety recommendations.

I am however delighted to tell you that the free checked baggage allowance for travel in FIRST and Club World has been increased to three pieces at 23kgs each.

The allowances for other cabins are:
– World Traveller Plus and Club Europe – 2 bags at 23kgs each
– Economy class – World Traveller, Euro Traveller and UK Domestic – 1 bag at 23kgs

Please note, if you are travelling in World Traveller economy class to America, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and Nigeria, you will be allowed two checked bags in line with local government regulations.

Should you wish to check in any bags in addition to your checked baggage allowance, a fee will apply. This fee will be discounted by 20 per cent if you pre-pay online at before you check in*.

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  1. Purgatory

    See this is the confusing part for me, in general 40 kg first, 30 kg business and roughly 20 kgs for economy, now when you increase bags, you handle more bags which have less weight, but its more bags, so basically a first class or business can have up to 69 kg, the plus will have 46 kg, which means more bags. Its less weight so those people do not have to carry weights but when you handle more bags that means more delays!

  2. It seems every other industry is giving you more services, more options and making things more comfortable for the customer. The airline industry just seems to be REGRESSING! Its service and accomodation levels are getting worse and worse!! Traveling is becoming so much more of a hassle!

  3. im so annoyed at this rule, everytime i go to london or somewhere else in europe my bag is about 25-27 kilos out and then 32 and another bag of stuff i bought on holiday. now even if im allowed three bags its such a hassle taking three pieces around than the old two. Although im a dedicated BA traveller, im having second thoughts now with this new rule.

  4. Purg: I agree with you, but Im fine with it since my bags are relatively light and you just have to pack them just right so that you can get more stuff on board!

    Frankom: I can’t blame you!

    1001: I agree with you 100%!

    Spicy Pepper: I used to be a dedicated BA traveller until I tried Lufthansa and their service was great! So I didnt complain at all, they really did a good job. BA is just having problems, even their food is horribel these days!

  5. If you travel frequently, check out this website

    I don’t travel BA these days unless strictly necessary (e.g. from Kuwait to London) but this new rule is pissing a lot of people off. Basically, because the UK doesn’t invest in automated baggage handling equipment, we have to put up with this stupid regulation because of health and safety.

    For now, this is just for terminal 5 (the new BA terminal). But you can be sure other airlines flying into the UK will have to follow sooner or later.

  6. moocherx: that is what is annoying, that this is going to spread to other airlines. Airlines in the US are currently applying this rule as well. But Im with you I currently try to avoid British Airways, I prefer flying Virgin if I can because its just more entertaining, and flying from Dubai to London.

  7. well.. try to use your charm and your sex appeal upon check in your bags.. because somtimes when u smile and gave them a good attitude , they would allow 40kg when u travel on economy.. give it a try if u r lucky. lolol it always works with me ( just small smile and haloo )

  8. Tuna: if your a girl its different! hehe! But right now after the ruling a couple of months ago there is no way in hell they would let it through! You can try but you will see what they do.

  9. Tuna

    mrs marzoug..

    what does it take to get to know you more in person… i checked out your site for the 1st time yesterday and i realy enjoyed it, so i thought behind this talk and experince an intersting person worth meeting and get to know more..

    is it possible?

  10. Tuna: There is always a possibility of meeting me, Im always around. And Im a Mr, not Mrs! hehe.. you would have to be based in Kuwait to find me! hehehe

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