Meetings Meetings Meetings..

Juggling all the meetings plus emails plus conference calls plus reports is one hell of a funny thing. People asking questions shouting answers across the open area and then just running around tracking people down.

The thing that drives me nuts is people who leave their office to do someting and not taking their cellphone with them its hard has hell to track them down when you need them for that one thing. You really do go nuts trying to find out information, and the worst thing possible is being given the wrong information! Its as if your left to walk the plank.

Yesterday I went a bit to Villa Moda for the Freej visit but I could only stay at most 10 mins, and I enjoyed myself but I had to come back to work where I stayed to 5:30pm it was a damn long day. And the funny part is the Free Zone is three minutes away from me so Villa Moda wasn’t out of the way. One more week and then we get a week off, I think. I dont know how many days everyone is getting off but I know one thing I will be doing. Watching a good amount of tv and riding as much as humanly possible.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. that’s what I was about to ask, looks like he didn’t …

  2. Hii again ;Pp
    i hate meetings ;/
    Oo sometimes it happens with me when u need to tell some one about very important thing or u need an urgent answer and u dont find the person ;/ i think they dont take their cell phones coz they r escaping from their work & resposiblities ;P .. i do this sometimes ;Ppp but i still dont like it when it happens to me .. ;) LoL ..;r
    FreeJ again :Pp i wrote my comment in freej post .. i wont repeat how much i like them ;) glad that u had the chance to see them at least for 10 mnts and had good break .. ;P all of us r waiting for il3eed ;P to have abreak ;) enshalla every one will enjoy it ..

  3. Aw *petpet*. But dude, this is the stuff that makes you feel *Alive*. (From a person who obviously never actually worked).
    I actually want to go to Villa Moda, not for the Freej stuff, but to witness the whole sale frenzy (if there really is a sale). I heard wild tales about how people act during a sale there, but I have to see for myself. Dude, *catfights*. Heh, yes I am a gawker. Or at least I want to be. Also a pointer and a laugher. Although in truth my eyes would probably grow to enormous sizes before I got the hell out of there. I am a coward when it comes to other women. Some of them are skeeery man.

  4. moocherx: nope didnt have enough time! I was between meetings and I dont like shopping!

    Pearls: yeah I didnt have time to go shopping I just saw the hordes of people and I had to go back to work!

    Yuopye: I dont mind meetings as long as they productive and you have to meet with people if you are thrown to the wolves type of thing. And I dont know whats the purpose of a mobile if they dont carry it with them! It drives me nuts! lol! Yeah everyone is waiting for 3eed at this point!

    SnoCone: lool! Some of them can be really ruthless thats the crazy part! You want to look but you would probably run before they show their crazy side! And some of them are crazy! I heard stories as well, and sometimes you see it in their eyes! They would kill for a bag!

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