External Storage


Maxtor One Touch III 500GB
: 92 KD


Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo 1TB
: 195 KD

Professional Computer: 2611661

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory

    Electrozan had a 1 T storage for dirt cheap, do not remember the price though

  2. why would anyone need soooo much space?

  3. heeeey maaaaz i missss ur blog.
    again im here just to say hi.
    hope ull post something soon, that i can actually comment on :p

  4. Purg: What are the features now thats the question!

    Cyber: Exactly!

    lilacs: BACKUP! Music, Pictures and Anime!

    SanDMaN: Those lack a lot of features compared to the ones above!

    no3ik: Hey girl! I will be posting throughout today! So I will be around!

  5. 1 TB is not so much these days with all the digital multimedia and our never-ending demands of higher and higher quality.

    Forget the crappy chinese stuff they sell in Electrozan.With this kind of disk space, you should get raid-enabled drives or atleast save them simultaneously on 2 different mediums (hard drive AND DVD).

    Trust me, you will thank me one day!

  6. Cajie: Thats whats good about the Maxtor Turbo III it has Raid 0/1 configuration depending on what you choose! I Would for Raid 1 and set it up nicely! Thats why I have so much external storage to back up the back up!

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