Review: The Break Up


I just left the states after one day before this movie was coming out back in June! And I was really looking forward to it since Im a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. I had an idea of how this movie was going to be but I wasn’t sure what to expect at the time. I thought it was a total Romantic comedy but it turned out to be better then that. Vince plays his cocky character so well, in this relationship he showed his flaws and what is mssing from it. Jennifer is great in this character and she is the free spirited one with the wacky family on her side. The entertaining part is seeing what the other does to piss the other one off the most. They care about each other, but they also can’t stand each other. Its a great movie to watch and really entertaining, it turned out better then I expected.

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  1. i loved this movie! the arguments/fights are SO REAL! i really loved how women ‘plan’ their actions expecting a certain reaction from men, not realizing that they’re way off base.. and when the guy responds in a manner totally different to what they thought he would, they go nuts! =) very entertaining, very real!

  2. I second Gravatar. I admit I’ve done it before, acting in a certain way so the guy would react like I thought he would, of course he would never and things will get very bad.

    Didn’t you just love the ending? For me, it was the best part.

  3. the best part was that psycho brother singing ‘owner of a lonely heart’ and his crazy antics – he stole the film

  4. Ok tawne astw3eb lol I should say I second “MSB” OK that was a very blond moment of me.

  5. MSB: Yeah your right! The guy just has a different reaction then what women expect. The plan of thought is completely different then what women expect. Like you said what I loved about it was how real it was!

    Shopa: loool! yeah I saw that, people mix up the names because of the Gravatar thing! hehehe! I dont know it doesn’t load sometimes!
    Yeah I loved the ending! It was very real, like people moving on with their lives khalas! Women over think alot of things men just do! hehehehe, Dont worry about the blond moment though!

    Amer: yeah I was laughing at that part, I thought he was going to smack him! lol.. I knew you would love that guy! hehehehe

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