Empty Net


Since a lot of people are taking off going somewhere and doing something over the next two weeks the net feels a bit empty. Like nobody is around and everybody is busy doing something. I’m just wondering if the internet is any faster for more downloading.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. sure is empty!
    msn, blogs, emails even it echos when ever im in anyof those :p
    guess all are out, either chalet, away or hagg …
    hope all are enjoyinh their time.
    including the maz ofcourse :)

  2. no3ik: hehehe! I liked the echo part, but it seems everyone is off somewhere! O inshalla enjoying themselves! I got some work to do until then, bes inshalla things workout!

  3. I think I know where that picture was taken .. looks like a place in michigan.

  4. It’s only me the lonely blogger stayin here….:(

  5. MAZE: Some people are around but they are busy towards the end of the year! hehehe

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