Waiting for an Update


I’m at work and I have few things to do, basically wrapping up some paperwork and details. But I have one thing sitting on the balance and it has all to do with customs. This a large shipment of equipment for a project and I’m basically 100% safe or 100% screwed all depending on customs. Im crossing my fingers here and hoping everything goes well.

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  1. If anything in my project involves government/customs .. then I automatically assume I am screwed. They wanted us to send back 10000Kd in equipment because one of our pcs had a dsl-modem!

  2. K: Your right! I got screwed! I might not even recieve it tomorrow! Very much screwed! They are idiots and half of them should be fired! I dont even know why they stop any shipments! Its not like they are doing anything about it! They should just charge whatever damn customs amount they want and let the damn things go for delivery!

  3. La2 Zouq…enshalla khair and everything will go fine for u..

  4. Isn’t PWC/Agility handling the customs now??

    Anyway, hard luck on your stuff .. one of the things we have to deal with in Kuwait.

  5. MAZE: nope got screwed! hehee

    K: Not all of it, lail7een gamaarik! Yeah its annoying as hell!

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