Squeezing Work


Everything is hanging on the balance towards the end of the year. Maybe its just my case with what I’m handling but its insane when you have so much on your plate. Everyone keeps talking to me about holidays and where your traveling and things of that nature. Personelly my head is still stuck in work and all the other nitty gritty details that Im trying to workout.

Im just hoping that I will have better news then yesterday where I got screwed by customs. Customs in Kuwait is useless, they dont get things done and there are too many damn approvals for so many different branches in the damn government. They should try streamlining things because they are really screwing with businesses.

And there is getting more projects and information towards the end of the year. Because of work I haven’t had a chance to go to the gym for the past two weeks and that thought is sitting in the back of my head and annoying me. People want to travel and all I want to do is lay down on a couch for a couple of hours with nothing to think about except when to ride and when Im going to eat.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. looks like it was a depressing week for you.

  2. I’m sooowwwllllyyy :(

    work is hecktic with me too..
    my nerves are hanging on a string coz I’m still waiting for word whether I’ll be ravelling for 2 or 3 days on another busines trip tomorrow or the day after..

    I wanna rest on my sofa and watch endless infomercials coz I have nothing better to do :P

    cheer up sunshine..

    both of us will be traveling soon.. (madre laish qarart)
    and we’ll be care free and have nothing to think of but our own pleasure …

    Now lets RACE !

  3. Cute UAE

    Face it!!! This is the reality with customs!!! So chill out!!! There’s nothing that u can do…….whether u get stressed out or not!!! They’ll have to take the long turn to approve things!!!
    So chill man!!!! chill!!!!!

  4. Let’s boycott Kuwait Customs :/

    I hate them as well hehe but for just the normal reasons :p

  5. Hang in there man. Right there with you on the end of the year blues. I don’t really have any projects hanging over my head, but there are so many loose ends in my personal and academic lives that I wish I could tie up. They always seem so much more pressing around this time. It’s like your load gets heavier and your footing gets that much shakier and you wish it would just work the hell out. Keeping my fingers crossed for us both us well as all of us out there who just can’t deal with this invisible cloud hanging over them.

  6. Pearls: Not depressing just frustrating really! You know!

    Fonzy: almost there! hehehe

    DiiGMaa: I like how you decided! I’m really thinking about hitting up a racetrack for a day or two! It would really hit the spot! Taking a few days off and being somewhere where you can’t be reached with a few fast machines would really hit the spot! hehehe

    Cute UAE: loooool! Im chill its just frustrating because I have the pressure from the other side! And its a lot of DAMN PRESSURE! loooool! I just wish things were more streamlined!

    Jacqui: lol! yeah! They are really pissing me off!

  7. SnoCone: yeah I know what you mean! Its just the end of the year and wrapping things up! Its annoying as hell! I will keep my fingers crossed for all those stuck in this end of year situation! hehehe! I dont know why everyone wants everything resolved for this time when it isnt work related! hehehe

  8. Stop complaining…the year has ended almost…start a new fresh one…u should come and see my work then how u get insulted by a client and u can’t say a word…

    just take a deep breath….and ur almosr done man…take care

  9. ride and eat :)

    id say

    tv, shop, sleep and read

    im such a bum!

  10. Rakan-B

    “When to ride, and when to eat” – WORD Marzouq !!!
    I have to agree …

  11. MAZE: looool! I can complain a bit! It was frustrating! hehehe! Enjoy your holiday my friend I know you need it too!

    no3ik: looool! Bums are great!

    Rakan-B: hehehe! Long time no see!

  12. and this, my friend, is why you take off at year end. awal marrah asaweeha, o i’m glad i did. i’ve turned into an airhead min kether ma i’ve turned my brain off!! =)

    good luck.. chin up.. lots of anime out there waiting for u and your nephew’s sweet smile/hug! ;)

  13. MSB: Thank you! Your right about the anime and my nephew! hehehe! I just want a few days off, no way I can take a year, it feels like I would be losing oppurtunities! Too much to do and too little time! hehehe

  14. la la not take off a year!!! take time off towards ‘YEAR’S END’ is what i meant!! =) i took off the last 2 weeks in dec and the first week in jan! that’s all i’m saying ;)

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