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I needed component cables for my reciever to connect to my Plasma screen. I wanted to see the quality difference between the two, and I currently have the reciever connected by S-Video to the screen.

I was too lazy to figure out where I could get them from and I didn’t feel like going into Salmiya because of the traffic. The once place I knew for sure that they would have was Alghanim Electronics since they had Monster Cables, but I was just hoping they would have everything in stock.

I went over there and found the cables, and I knew they would be cheaper online but I just wanted to use them now. Im tired of depending on shipping companies right now. So I saw the price for 25 KD for the 2 meter version and I knew it should be cheaper, but by how much I wasn’t sure. When I went to pay it was only 20KD and I thought that wasn’t too bad.

I got home and connected my reciever to screen and for some reason it wouldn’t work, but then I found out that the A/V reciever must have equipment connected through component for it to output by component. So I connect my Xbox 360 through component and started playing around with it. I have to say that I was amazed with the quality improvement. I was just watching a dvd for testing purposes on the Xbox 360, but then I started playing Gears of War for over 45 minutes when I should have passed out. It wasn’t late at all, but I was just tired as hell.
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