After seeing this book on UnCrate I thought it would be really cool to get something like this and the photoboxes to organize a lot of the paperwork, and other items into organzied boxes. I got a couple of boxes in medium and large in Chocolate and Platinum to see how they would look in my room and how organized they would be. I think they would be pretty cool, but we shall see. I ordered them a little while ago, but I haven’t seen anything in a little while, so we shall see what happens over the next couple of days in my mail box. But I like the chilled looked of the items they sell, it feels laid back.

Link: Kolo 1, Kolo 2

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  1. Loca in Kuwait

    The color of the boxes look like they suit all styles of furniture, I have been looking for a way to organize all my papers. On a different topic, if you keep having problems with your mail tell me, and you can use my address. The only delay will be if the DVD appears “not suitable” and I need to “screen” it for explicit contents. :P I am just saving your eyes from unsightly films.

  2. Loca: LOOOOOOOOOL! Your saving me from the danger of the DVDs! hehehe! But yea these boxes seem to fit all situations! Thats why I like them!

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