At Last


It has arrived!

My Scorpion Helmet and Alpinestar Bionic Knee Protector have just arrived and are to be delivered today. Im really looking forward to the knew helmet, and I really want to try the bionic knee protector.

Im looking forward to riding just to try the new gear out, the new helmet is a matte red with black, but I like its style and I think the cameras need to see a new helmet but they dont seem to be working these days.

Im just curious as to why it took so damn long to get here, the other stuff arrived before it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hehe relax relax man….. :) mabrook!

  2. Cute UAE

    Now u need to put it on…and tease ur camera with a “BIONIC 6” pose!!!!!

  3. Jafar

    Mabrook Marzouq and safe ridding.

    I always read complains that Kuwaiti shops do not keep good stock of items . I know TriStar hasa a stock of 300 helmets of various designes & brands,,,,yet we go and order online ! how could shops stock if they are not sure of a sale !

    Happy New Year to all as I will not touch a computer for the next 7 days while vacationing in Aqaba

  4. I got my intake yesterday too!

    But I have to wait until after the service to install it .. they aren’t too fond of aftermarket parts.

  5. Fonzy: Thanks man! I will relax later! hehehe

    Cute UAE: loooool! I think I remember the pose! hehehe

    Jafar: The problem is not finding the right style, or size in Kuwait. One time I was looking for a black helmet and even after waiting two months I couldnt get it, and since then I order online. I dont mind buying from a shop but I dont want to wait more then a few weeks not two months. Its hard to stock up when your not sure what our going to sell, but its all about marketing. Happy New Year and enjoy your holiday!

    K: Congrats pal! Atleast they got it to you without any problems! I know what you mean about the install!

    MAZE: thanks!

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