Review: Bang and Olufsen Earphones


I got these headphones as a gift over two and a half years ago from a dear friend. I have to say that it was the first time I have used a Bang and Olufsen product. And it has performed fantastically over these years. I use it while traveling, sitting in a cafe, on a plane, when working out, and when riding my motorcycle. I have tested these headphone in every possible enviroment, and they have always out performed my expectations.



  • Crystal clear sound, great highs and lows
  • Doesnt break up at high volume, there is no distortion
  • Great base for its size, dont expect something such as DJ headphones, but decent
  • Extremely comfortable and versitile
  • Keeps sound in your ear, has the ability to keep outside noise out of your ear


  • None

These headphones are worth the price and I have used them extensively and will continue to use them because I haven’t found any headphone better then it, and I dont think I need to. The design of it makes it very easy to slip on and adjust to our liking. I can’t recommend these enough.

Link: Bang and Olufsen

Rating: r51.bmp

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  1. Thanks I was looking for a pair of new headphones.

    Only problem is I have long hair, and the thing that goes around the ear can get annoying.

    That’s what happened with my bluetooth headset :/

  2. miyafushi: You would be surprised, its really not a problem and totally adjustable! Thats what I liked about it! Try it out before buying it, you would be surprised!

  3. They look pretty hot.

    *earphones not headphones.

  4. mooodi: Its got looks and its really good!

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