USB Heated Slippers


For those who are freezing their butts off with this cold I think this would come in very useful while sitting in front of the computer or anywhere you have your laptop. You can just connect your usb connections to your laptop and power up the heaters on your slippers. There is a low and high setting for the heat, and their is a different connection for each slipper so one can be hotter then the other.

Link: Engadget

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  1. LooL
    what will they think of next …
    i don’t even want to tell you about all the things in my mind right now eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

  2. Laialy: loooool! I dont think I want to know! hehehe! They have more USB connected items! hehehehe

  3. What if I get electracuted :s or something like that?! :(

  4. my feet r freezing right now and my socks arent doing a good job of keeping them warm! at this point, i’d try those socks… !!

  5. Are they available here….i want them…and if they have other things too i’ll buy…

  6. this aint good for butts! LOL…we need 66 KVA powered under cloths for the current kuwait climate…ahahaha! all subiya power station output to heat the butt! LOL

  7. Jacqui: Well thats something you need to test! hehehe

    MSB: these slippers will keep you warm gauranteed!

    MAZE: I think you can only buy them online!

    Cyber: looooool! The funny part is that I understand you!

    MacaholiQ8: yup it is!

  8. Virginia Darlin

    These are great! Now, if we could just get them in polka dots lol.

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