Review: Invincible


This is one of those football inspiration stories that you really enjoy. I think Mark Wahlberg did a fantastic job playing Vince Papale, he fit the character really well. Its a story taking place in the 1970s about a normal guy in Philidelphia who works as a bar tender at local pub and tries out for the Philidelphia Eagles and makes it. This movie shows how a city’s hopes depend on this football team. Showing the relationship between the team and its fan, and the hopes that the people have in the team when they are going through tough times. I have to admit that I like football movies so I knew that I was going to enjoy this movie.
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  1. i know ur waiting for me to comment since it’s football related. i plead the 5th! (ma shefta.. waiting for ‘we are marshall’ to come out, o e7walait from watching ‘arsenal/charlton’ wil7een ‘a villa/chelsea’)

    will check this movie out when it gets here.. any football movie, it’s guaranteed that i’ll go watch it! :)

  2. Purgatory

    too disney for me

  3. Watya

    Purgatory, I agree its a bit too disney! Maybe the story is interesting but maybe if it were another production company it would have made it more interesting. A good sport movie that did suprise me was Gridiron Gang, now that movie deserved a four star, this one deserves two and a half at best!

  4. MSB: I knew you had to comment! hehehe! Same here! Im always gauranteed to watch it!

    Purg: I still enjoyed it!

    Watya: seriously, Watya it was a good story and I liked Mark Wahlberd in this movie, thats why I gave it the four out of five, but I can’t wait to see the Grid Iron Gang!

  5. Gridiron Gang was good..

    3ad aneh for me, it’s guaranteed that i’ll like most football movies.. cuz even if the story sucks, at least i’ll get to watch the football !!

    playoffs start this wknd!!

  6. MSB: I know! Its going to be one interesting playoff! I can’t wait! And your right any football story gets me going! The best football movie of all time is Any Given Sunday

  7. Purgatory

    I say watch crank

  8. Purg: I did! I loved it, expcept the ending! It was too funny an ending!

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