1 TB Hard Drives


Hitachi has gotten there first! They have made the first 1 TB Hard Drives to be used by us consumers! The latest ones were at 750 GB and now that the limit has been passed we shall see what other manufacturers come up with. I love when they make bigger hard drives. It just means more and more redunancy and more space to store whatever you have, it also means you wont be deleting much. I just can’t get enough space and this news made me smile when I read it.

Link: Engadget

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  1. I want one i want one .. i use it instead of my 3 80 GB external hard drives ….

  2. Rakan-B

    Uggggggh !! All i got was 80 GB with my Mac Book Pro
    I’ll be looking forward for future upgrades …
    Zouk, How’s the riding in K-town buddy ?
    And oh … Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Eid btw.
    Sorry I’m like two weeks off, but Cali does that to me.

  3. that what i really want !!

    i can’t imagine how many anime or T.V. series I will put :P

  4. i would just like you to know that i live on 60 GB :)

  5. Ali & Musaed: There are external storages which take over 500 GB if you want!

    Rakan-B: Ha Rakoon how you doing? Hows cali treating you! When is your ass going to be done! Bes khalas masakhta! hahahaha! I prefer riding in Cali, especially Malibu! hehehe

    L33T: looool! thats why the space!

    Lailaly: BLASPHAMY! that is like just the amount of anime I carry with me on my laptop for emergency purposes! hehehe

  6. I am probably going to get 2-750gb drives when the 1tb is released .. it will be half the price and i have unlimited space for more drives.

  7. zoomzoom

    cool, but i think more wisely to buy 2 500GB drive, because if one drive fail you don’t lose all your data (in case you don’t make a backup)

  8. K: thats exactly what I was thinking, after a month or two and the prices will drop drastically!

    zoomzoom: your better of with 2x750GB at raid 1 so if one fails the other automatically takes over!

  9. I WANT it ! :P

    man and 2 years ago people called me crazy for wanting 1 TB HD

    now i have two :P

    BUT I WANT MORE !! :p

  10. forzaq8: lol! Watch in the next two years it will jump to 5 TBs! I know exactly what you mean about wanting more! I always want more!

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