USB Chiller/Warmer


These days they are making odd products which work off your USB. And I think this one is especially useful at the office! For those who want to keep a drink cold during the summer or a mug hot during these odd winter days. It takes about 10 minutes to get hot or cold, but how do they come up with these nifty ideas. Makes you not want to move away from your desk.
Link: Engadget

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  1. I would like to get that not just for the office but for the house as well! I could also manage to fabricate it into the car if needed!

  2. check out my blog, december 23th i had a post for something similar, different brand though

  3. (excuse my Arabic(oppose to my French)) but my butt hurts after a while of sitting, who honestly is buying these products?!?!

  4. Stallion: car.. now that would be useful!

    iKuwait: hmm they are making a lot of those gadgets now a days!

    Laialy: your language is excused! hehehe! You be surprised who buys these products!

  5. Its amazing the innovative ways people find to yitirazigon Allah. It makes you think this is so simple, how come I didnt think of it?

    Anyway, speaking of cars, my freind got her this thing that you plug into your car to light up bu5oor. She bought it in the UAE but it was awesome when she’d light it up and put bu5oor in it her car would small great.

  6. 1001: loool! Now thats innovation! Something to light up bukhoor in the car, I bet they wouldn’t allow in the states because it could be a huge liability if the car caught on fire! hehehe! At least the car smells great!

  7. No she brought with her to the states! Hehehe I dont think she asked if it were legal or not. Bass tara ma3tigid inna yshib. Bass it gets heated and you put the bu5oor on it and i think it creates the smell anyway…ya3ni she doesnt put a f7ama there or anything from what I remember.

  8. 1001: loool! Chan eshiboon kil el mobile sheyash weyaahum! hehehehe

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