Impromptu Trip


I have an unplanned business trip to London for some work. Its going to be interesting, I’m just going for about 3.5 days, and I’m just busy during the day and I know some people there. So its going to be an interesting trip. I was just about to order some items from amazon, but instead now I’m just going to pick it up when I go to HMV, Waterstones, Virgin, and all the other places there. I haven’t done any shopping since May so I think its a decent time to pick up a few things. I’m the type of guy to buy a bunch of things one go when it comes to clothing so thats what I’m going to do.

The one thing I love about London is the food! So much good food! Italian and Chinese is going to be my concentration, and I will force who ever is going to be going out with me to those places. And I really hope there are no problems with British Airways at this point, I will probably pass out on the plane too since I have my hands full over the next day to get things wrapped up. I know I have a UK vodaphone chip, but I need to find it.

Important Note:

I made sure changes were made for the meetings since I wanted to make sure that I would be back home in time to watch Jack Bauer’s Premiere.

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  1. I am nearly done packing. Just give me a call when you are under my house and I will come down.

  2. Kheyana !!!
    min ghairy ya MZzee ??

    o deerty ba3ad !!!

    (ma chiny towy imsafra o mistansa :P)

    yella bilsalama o don’t forget Signor Sassi for italian.. and come back quick coz Jack waits for no one !!

    no one !!

  3. jewaira

    I will email you my shopping list too :P

    Have a great time! Enjoy it and yes, BA still strict about what to take on board with regards to items and size of hand luggage

  4. LoooooooL
    you are too funny … changing your trip plans for a show! isn’t that a bit extreme :p seriously think about it

  5. dude i am packed where are you?

  6. But but but.. you .. but noooooooooooooooo!

  7. trou7 w terja3 bil salameh enshalla!

  8. Extinct Dodo: lol! I will get some good scampi!

    Mark: hahaha! I will pick you up ASAP!

    DiiGMa: looool! I didn’t travel anywhere for a while and this is work!

    jewaira: hehehe.. I will be checking for it! Thanks for the heads up regarding BA! I will make sure to keep things to a Minimum!

    Laialy: No its no extreme, dont question Jack. You would be walking into dangerous territory

    Jacqui: Enjoy work! hehehehe

  9. oohh ya akeed dont forget signor sassi best italian food in london for sure belive me !!

    and joes is gooood, amazing pastas and amazing ceaser salad yummy !! ;p

    um what else, my fav area is knightsbridge so go there say hi to it for me please ;p

    im here if ya need any help around london ;p

  10. forgot to mention : you are SO LUCKY !!

    before i read this post i was having a huge talk with my dad about going to london..

    bSs troo7 0o etred bil salama inshalla 0o hav fun, im sure you will cuz london is great ;)

  11. Amo0ora: I’m going to have fun because I can watch James Bond in a good theater without any cust! Now I’m looking forward to that!

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