London Arrival

It was just right. As soon as I got on the plane I really didn’t feel like eating even though I was hungry. I just wanted to pass out, so as soon as the plane was tilting up and none of the flight attendents were looking I tilted the seat all the way back and proceeded to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and I decided to get some paperwork done on the plane and watch some anime as soon as I am done with my work.

The plane was packed with people, and after watching a good amount of anime and then the captain said we are going to land soon. To my pleasent surprise we were 45 minutes early to London, but we were delayed on the ground for about 20 mins to find a gate which isn’t too bad.


As soon as I got off the plane I start walking really fast to get to immigrations because I didn’t know if their were a lot of people or a little. And it turned out the place was packed! I had to choose either left or right, and based on my formulas and intuition I choose left! At that moment in time you mark somebody in the other line and keep comparing yourself to him and hoping that you move faster! Its like the slowest race possible, but it is extremely intense and you look at him with full blown competitiveness. My formulas and intuition proved me right at the end! It was great!


I think I love London Taxi cabs! I was so happy to see one when I was outside, people tell me its expensive, but you feel like you are riding with the best possible driver in the world! I really was enjoying myself sitting in the back with my mp3 player playing along and looking out the window while jotting down a few notes of things that I need to be on top of! I got to the hotel, and its pretty nice with floor to ceiling windows! I dropped my things and went walking around town. I know London pretty well and I have to say that I love walking around! I went into Waterstones and I already marked 4 books that I want to buy, and then I passed by Virgin, and I walked down Bond street window shopping at all the high boutiques thinking off gifts for different family members! Then towards the end of the day I forgot that I didn’t get a bite to eat. So I went to small cozy looking place and I had my magazines with me that I bought from the Newstand down the road. I had to make sure I eat enough so I can get some work done before passing out. Got a lot of work tomorrow.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. il.7mdlah 3al salama..

    hope ya hav fun, london needs more than 3-5 days so make use of it..

    dont forget about the Virgin bikes, let us know how it goes..

    enjoy !

  2. Hamdella a3l salameh dude….

  3. Mo Hat

    7aram marzouq it’s not 7alal! just kidding bud enjoy all the meat you want ;)

  4. i am soo jealous (cuz of the burger)….

  5. that sounds like soo much fun .. bynii o bynik e7tarait eshway ..

    good luck with work

  6. queuing for immigration M? Shouldn’t you be fast-tracking all the way by now as such a regular customer?

  7. lavender

    Bon arrive` …. then don’t forget to buy Molton Brown

  8. No Comment MZzee !!

    (well ok, 7imdila 3alsalama, have fun, g’luck with work, and you bloody lucky bastard :P)


    Take care now.. and keep us posted with more pics :)

  9. Amo0ora: alah esalmich! I know what you mean, but I’m going to make the best of it! I’m currently getting the Limo Bike right now!

    MAZE: alah esalmik!

    Mo Hat: hahaha! thanks Man! More food on the way!

    Yazeed: hahaha! I liked it too!

    Laialy: loool! Work is a bit hectic but not bad! Meetings and a lot of paperwork

    moocherx: Fast Track is only open from 8am to 12pm. We landed at 12:45pm. Its always my luck with that. But the line wasn’t too bad!

    DiiGMaa: hehehe! alah esalmich! This bloody lucky bastard is loving it here! I will be posting a lot of pics!

    Pearls: alah esalmich!

  10. 8am to 12pm? Jeez… that would SERIOUSLY p*ss me off if I was supposed to fast-track but couldn’t.

  11. moocherx: yeah its the only time open and nothing to do about it!

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