Prince Rides ‘too fast’


Prince William’s security guards have said they won’t put their lives at risk anymore to protect him while he rides his bike.

The 24-year-old has to take a personal cop pillion with him wherever he rides, recently had a “wobble” and almost stacked his Honda Super Blackbird. Armed officers from the Metropolitan Police Royalty Protection Department have said it’s too dangerous trying to keep up with the speedy Prince, and have stressed the difficulty of protecting William at high speeds.

Both William and Harry are said to be addicted to the thrill of riding bikes fast and enjoy the anonymity of wearing leathers and a lid. A member of the protection squad said, “Other then keeping up with him and being alert to potential dangers, officers are concerned in case they break the speed limit.”

What do they expect from the young man! It’s hilarious! He is a prince who is under the media’s eye non-stop and the only time he gets to become anonymous is when he puts on his helmet and gear, then he is no different then any rider on the road except for the motorcycle security entourage that follows him, but it seems that they are having a hard time keeping up with him which I find to be funny. Good for Prince William for enjoying riding and enjoying one of the simple feelings of freedom in his life. Will you get two thumbs up from me, keep riding!

From: MCN 10/1/2007
Link: MCN

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. so the future king is a biker too huh ? .. Good for him.. Double Thumbs up :)

    (come back already MZzee.. London is getting to you.. stay any longer and you’ll start sounding like me :P)

  2. Hopefully he’ll be able to get rid of them and still keep riding so he can get a chance to be truly anonymous with no entourage revealing who he is. I think having a life thats SO in the public eye is so so hard.

  3. DiiGMaa: Yes the future king loves motorcycles! And I think thats great! I just got back this morning! hehehe! London is very enjoyable though!

  4. Most places are enjoyable compared to kuwait :)

  5. Missy

    Entre, O mino ‘3a9bik tig3ad bil balad… immigrate =)

  6. 1001: I agree with you on that! Yeah I think he has almost no freedom with a lot of responsibilities.

    Entre: Then you haven’t been to most places, Kuwait is really nice compared to many places, and lots of places have its short comings as well.

    Missy: hehehe

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