While At Heathrow


I have to say that I really like Heathrow airport, the security wasn’t that bad. There was an annoying person sitting at the security console who was nothing short of rude to a lot of people coming to the counter, but still I was happy I got through without incident. The best part is walking around and doing some window shopping while walking around. I dropped off my bag at the British Airways lounge so that I can walk around freely. First thing I do is go straight to WH Smith and picked up some magazines to read while in Kuwait, and one to read while I was getting a bite to eat. I stopped by one shop to browse through the watches they had, and then I entered Dixons to see how much they priced electronic items in the UK. I have to say that the TomTom Radar is one very cool looking GPS Unit, and I would want to try it but they don’t have a working edition for the middle east yet. The other thing you notice is that items are priced directly at a 1 to 1 conversion, so whatever item is going for $100 would go for 100 pounds which is too much.


So after going into HMV for a bit I decided to get a bite to eat at the seafood bar which I have been going to for over a decade and I was happy as hell I was getting my crab and shrimp salad with a coke. I knew it would satisfy me before getting on the plane, and then I heard it was time for boarding but before leaving I stopped by Molton Brown to pick up the aftershave and then I took a long walk to the farthest gate in the terminal, Gate 25! From what it seems the plane was full, and I only watched some anime for a bit before passing out. The anime was great but I couldn’t go to sleep right away!





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  1. I really love heathrow…the security guys hate laptops for some reason…I always had trouble with them..LOL…

    did you grab something from bolton mrown…sorry molton brown?

  2. Eddy

    what do u watch ur anime on???

  3. cool! i’ve never really hung out in heathrow.. always late or just on time, next time i’m gonna take a stroll! ;)

  4. Yum Shrimps! Hehe although I know you didn’t have them but yay!

  5. OMG
    i hate that sea food bar kil maa amor yamah i close my nose

  6. SOS

    oooooh! is it the Aston Martin DB 9??

  7. That seafood place is great… I’ve been going there for years too. Unfortunately – since I’m boycotting BA (!) I don’t get to use Terminal 4 any more… and it’s just not the same in 3. Too over-crowded. Sometimes I suffer for my principles ;-)

  8. Cyber: yeah they always look for laptops. I got some aftershave cream! hehehe

    Pearls: thank you!

    Eddy: On my laptop

    DiiGMaa: exactly!

    baroque: You should go there earlier its really fun to just look around and hang around.

    Jacqui: yes I did! I had the crab and shrimp!

    Laialy: hahaha! I love that place!

    SOS: yes it is!

    moocherx: I know what you mean! I had to take BA for work, and then I was happy I had no issues. And there is no terminal like terminal 4!

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