This is one of the most unique department stores in the UK or World for that matter. They have something for everyone, you can find food, baked goods, flowers, toys, cigars, bags, make up, jewellery, candy, electronics, clothing, furniture, books, dvds, and a whole lot more that I can’t remember off the top of my head right now. I know Harrods relatively well for the things that I want and I still get lost. I go there for the Pizzeria on the bottom floor to get a quick bite to eat before continuing with all my escapades, but that day I was just there to walk through the electronics section and go to the Waterstones for a quick stop before going to the large one. I love looking at all the screens they had at the electronics section and how rediculous the pricing is in the UK, it is literally £1 to $1 in the pricing of the products. But its just great walking around and being really enjoying all the items around, and I really like the modern furniture section in Harrods. Whats great is that there is everything for someone and I love that you can spend hours in their and not be bored at all.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I love their rokka salad … yummie, last time I was there I ate rokka 3 days in a row.

  2. The only thing I don’t like about London is that there are a lot of thefts going on there. it’s crazy! And the cops do nothing about it.

  3. i’m surprised no one bought the golden tv .. it’s been there for over a year now

  4. DiiGMaa: Sorry I forgot!

    arablondoner: yes, but expensive as hell as well!

    Pearls: yeah, they have good food, but like any major city there is a lot of petty crime and its hard to stop them!

    Jacqui: yup!

    geo: Its ugly as hell!

    Extinct Dodo: No sorry! I didn’t get a chance to eat there! There were other places I wanted to go!

  5. ooohh i adore that place..

    i was there everyday for 7 years ;p the security guards knew my name and would help me out with anything and about 5 of them offered to be my personal body-gaurd. the people who worked there also knew me esp in the food dep ;p they actually thought i was a princess and Al-fayed knew me too hes an amazing guy !

    that shows how much i used to go there. its simply the best !

  6. The prices aren’t too bad in Harrods for everyday items…. I think the last thing I got was an electric blanket… but for food I prefer Harvey Nichols plus you can park in their lot round the back.

  7. i’m sure it would fit nicely in some burj-al-arab-like home and there are tons of these home owners during august

  8. Amo0ora: looool! Personel bodyguard! hehehe I would go broke going there too many times! hehehe! U seemed to have liked the place and I can’t blame you, but after a while it would probably break my bank! hehehe

    moocherx: your right, but on some items its a bit rediculous!

    geo: you would be surprised who buys this kind of stuff, sometimes its UK football players, since they get paid so much!

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