Nexus Cube


This is one cool looking cube! I have seen one of these cubes before, but I really think that this is a really cool idea of how to put storage to good use. You could use it for storage as well as a side table tray! Its useful and stylish in a certain way. It comes in Chocolate and Black, and it isnt cheap for around $600. I think its a bit on the pricy side but I think it might have the quality to justify it.


Link: Design Within Reach

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  1. zoomzoom

    man it’s hell overpriced

    i wouldn’t buy it even if i have free to spend $600

  2. I think $600 is excellent value if you really don’t know where to stash your rice bowls.

  3. Hell! I’ve seen a similar model at Midas for a fraction of that price! :/

  4. zoomzoom: hahahaha!

    moocherx: lol!

    MacaholiQ8: yup, i have seen cheaper, but i bet this is one is a better build. But the quality is still rediculous!

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