Books I picked up


These are just the books that I thought I had to have and wouldn’t be to heavy to carry with me! I really wanted a few interior design books, but those are just heavy as hell! There is no way in hell I could carry the heavy books with me! And there were the odd books that I would have wanted to pick up just to take a quick read through them, but I didn’t get a chance since I didn’t think they were essential.

  • The Bad Place (Dean Koontz)
  • The Black Sun (James Twining)
  • Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow – Troy Trilogy (David A. Gemmell)
  • Priestess of the White (Trudi Canavan)
  • Last of the Wilds (Trudi Canavan)

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  1. Missy

    I love interior designing books!! I have a few shelves filled with ’em: Modern, Japanese, Confucious, Country British, Victorian..etc..etc- post it notes sticking out of many pages of how i’d like to do my house/room one day. I used to buy ’em from Selfridges- and yes my parents used to complain about the weight, but you know? there’s one formula almost EVERY kuwaiti does when he/she goes abroad- yish7an ;) We live/travel abroad for more than 20 years now and that’s the best thing to do …lol easy… you just have to control your urge to use your stuff as soon as you arrive, that’s the only downside to it..hehe

    I’m reading Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Kiyosaki (That’s the only book I found in my attic that was available for read- too lazy to drive to a bookshop :P)

    Enjoy your books with a hot coacoa …yum… :)

  2. In Virgin they have a whole lotta interior designing books, there’s a whole Art section, and they have those books there..

  3. Missy: Thats a lot of design books! hehehe! Yeah, but in my case I couldn’t just send it through shipping! I will be enjoying these books, I love reading at night! hehehe!

    Swair: Its just isnt the same, I feel like they are left over books or something when you go there! Even the ones in Dubai are better!

  4. rehan

    I kind of have the same problem like more books than i can bring in with me.

  5. rehan: now thats a real problem! hehehe! Gets a little too heavy!

  6. what what whaaaaat!! you buy dean koontz but no james patterson? :o xD

  7. extinct dodo: I dont know who that is! hehehehe!

  8. i recommend you check him out, hes the #1 thriller bestseller in the US of A :| He makes dean koontz look like an amateur :|

  9. Extinct Dodo: I will check him out! hehehe

  10. 3ad waterstones in harrods has a good collection of interior design books..

    they should open waterstones here, we need better book shops dont ya think ?

  11. The titles of your selections sound like fantasy (?)
    If you’re into sci-fi/fantasy then you SHOULD read “A Song of Ice & Fire” series by George R.R. Martin. It’s undoubtedly the best piece of literature I have ever read. I have to warn you, though, it is highly addictive, and you’ll suffer withdrawal symptoms from waiting for the next issue.

  12. If someone had the money to rent a space in Kuwait, and some time to accumulate a good number of used good-conditioned books…. you could totally open a used bookstore (forget new books, what with the censors and all).
    You could do some kind of deal like a book exchange where if you bring in a book, you can take one away for a small fee (I dunno… half a KD). If you wanted to just buy a book, they could be priced accordingly. And it should sell coffee too.

    Just a thought.

  13. I love the thought of a used bookstore here in Kuwait. I don’t even care about making money off the books, I would just like there to be a place where I could give them and know they would be available to the next person.

    Reading your trips to the bookstore – oh. . . wish I were there! Book heaven.

  14. There is a used bookstore in kuwait. you can see their selections in the website, but i don’t know how accurate it is. q8books(dot)com.

  15. Amo0ora: yeah they do have a good collection! I agree with you, but I wish they would open up all the screening of books! Its pointless!

    EniGma: Which book I start with from George R.R. Martin? Shoud “A Song of Ice & Fire” be the first? When you get into fantasy you have some of these guys that just don’t stop, and you dont know where to start! Interesting website! It would be good if they would update their selection!

    moocherx: the problem as you said is the censors, and the other part is gathering good used books, where do you start! Its a great idea, I would love to have a good sized book store, but this is Kuwait and it will be difficult to get this together!

    Intlxpatr: hehehe! I know what you mean, I get lost in bookstores too!

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