Ready to head out! The Landcruiser is packed and I have my essentials with me!

I hope everyone is going to enjoy the long weekend!

I’m prepared for the cold! Taking it head on!

Check list:

  • Two layers of socks
  • Timbaland Boots
  • Jeans (another)
  • Nike Dry Fit undershirt
  • My 24 sweat shirt!

Im ready for anything thats going to be thrown at me! This is going to be good one interesting trip! And I just stuffed myself silly before going out so I wont get too hungry under the stary night!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. is Timbaland like fake Timberlands? :P

  2. lfc-q8

    have a safe trip and enjoy ur self and keep warm

  3. where are you going?

    can i come?

    why won’t you take me?

    i’l be good … i promise

    can you tell that reading has effected me mentally

  4. Remember that scene from “The English Patient” where there’s a sand storm and they decide to spend the night in the car and thier cars get completely covered by sand so they’re stuck in them under the dunes :P

    ok that wasn’t nice.. and thats not exactly the complete scene …

    You take care now MZzee and stay warm.. drive safe and come back with lotsa pics and stories :)

    Have fun :)

  5. Mark: hahahaa your right Timberlands! hahaha

    lfc-q8: thanks!

    Laialy: Desert camping/ dune riding! I dont know if girls would like this! No emnities what so ever! and next time! hehehehe

    DiiGMaa: hehehe it wasn’t windy which was perfect! It was a fantastic drive, but you really have to watch out when driving! The roads arent perfect! And I have lots of pics to post and stories! hehehehe

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