Review: Deja Vu


I was really looking forward to watching this Denzel Washington movie, because he plays the detective role so well. This was a little different since it adds a little science fiction into the mix. A tragedy takes place in New Orleans and Denzel is called into to find out who and why, but with the help from the FBI they have new technology which lets them look into the past, but only by a certain amount. Denzel slowly understands that this isn’t surveillance and he is looking into another reality, and he gets the idea that he can change reality. Denzel is the lone cop with no family but work, and what drives him is the key to save this one victim Claire! You really get caught up with how he is trying to help her and tracking information down. It also tests the theory of physics and science but it is done in a realistic way, it’s believable and you get pulled into it as the story develops. What’s great is that you are satisfied with the movie at the end, but you are still left with just the right questions to keep you thinking of all the possibilities.

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  1. Purgatory

    I was dissapointed by the end.

  2. 3aZoZiTTo

    Yeah i saw this moVie maybe 2 weeks ago!

    The actioN waS niCe but there waS alot of Science fiction stuff like when Denzel went into The machiNe and returneD tO he past tO change it… i know this theory is real BUT NOT LIKE THIS!
    it’s unbeLievable, feLm hendy or what we call “9waree5”

    i guesS what attracteD ppl tO The moVie was the actor .. DenzeL Washington . but yeah goOd action ..

  3. Denzel’s good, but his choice of movies is sometimes kooky.. i love his movies, but this one… i don’t know.. yes, it’s supposed to be real, bs still, u feel like something’s just not right.. i loved the ending and the plot of whatever, but STILL.. not realisitic enough..

    (that was the funniest comment i’ve ever written lol)

  4. arent you in the saudi desert ?

    im confused :/

  5. I think they messed it up in the end to what could have been a good story / movie.

  6. pearls: pretty good movie

    Purgatory: I liked it, it was a bit wierd but nice!

    3aZoZiTTo: hehehe! The theory is a little out there, but its about parallel reality! hehehe! It was a good movie overall! Good you enjoyed it!

    Swair:hehehe, might not be completely realistic but good!

    Amo0ora: I was but autoposting! hehehe

    fadibou: I know what you mean, but I didn’t think it was bad! I liked it really!

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