MoGo is one cool and interesting laptop mouse. I have seen some creative mouses before, but nothing as creative and useful as the ones available from MoGo. It can go into your Express Card or PC Card slot to store and recharge. It connects via bluetooth and you are good to go. The best part is that it is stored inside your laptop and its very thin. Its priced around $70 and its making a lot of noise at CES. I think I will pick one up and try it out, hopefully its as good as it looks. софт казино

Link: UnCrate
Link: MoGo

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  1. really sleep looking @@
    however, i am a little concerned as to how comfortable on the hand it is

  2. not sleep, sleek
    obviously i am thinking of something else here

  3. Laialy: hehehe! I think it might be comfortable, but yes it is sleep looking! hehehe!

  4. So2al ya6ra7 nafsah, why u love Kakashi? :P

  5. Blasha: I like how he is strong yet very relaxed, and he is funny but brave! And I like his goofy side! hehehe! That made me like him a lot!

  6. true, very true… have u seen episode 101? when they try to find out how he looks like :P

  7. BLaSha: yeah! thats hilarious that they were trying so hard to see him! And he just kept reading his book! I loved it! They couldn’t even get him to stop reading! hehehe! Thats why I love him so much he plays it so cool!

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