Really Really Cold Start


First off I haven’t riden my bike in over a month because of travel, work, and other things getting in the way. Even days where I just wanted to start Robo up I just didn’t get a chance. So today after work I decided that I would be getting my leg over the bike for sure.

Important Tips for a cold start:

  • Warm up bike for 5-10 mins since it hasn’t been switched for over a month.
  • Ride for at least 20 minutes to warm up the tires.
  • Ride for at least 30 to 45 minutes to warm up your transmission and clutch, my clutch as bit stiff so it was very clunky while shifting but after riding for a little while it went back to normal.
  • Avoid any and all drastic moves on the bike for the first 30 minutes of riding to make sure the bike is all warmed up and handles correctly without being stiff.

After breaking in the bike I felt like I regained my freedom and little devil inside of me had a window into reality. With the music and fantastic weather I felt like something took over me and I wanted to ride hard and enjoy myself, and I did enjoy myself.


Then the incident at starbucks took place which I am happy I was able to help, and then I continued to finish my chocolate cake and mocafrappacino before riding. The staff at the Marina Cresent Starbucks were nothing short of helpful with this young man. Two thumbs up to starbucks for having a good staff! And the chocolate cake to my luck was fantastic!

Then I continued my riding down the Gulf Road! It was great the waether was perfect and I was wearing my Polar Buff so I felt really good and the bike was handling itself just like it used to. I felt a freedom I haven’t felt in a long time and the weather was perfect! There were other bikes out on the road, but I was too preoccupied with my riding and music. I hope to be riding more again!













A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora

    Man those pictures and the day you had sound like the days I used to have there just 10 years ago!! I didn’t drive bikes but my friends did! I even fell off one when we were racing on the Gulf road! I lived and loved those days!
    But I found something you like that I don’t!! CHOCOLATE CAKES!!!
    It was really nice of you guys to help the kid in Starbucks! Here in Finland no one cares if someone gets hurt or falls in front of them!! If a place has 10 people maybe 1 will ask him if he’s ok! That is one thing that I really miss! People are friendly and caring back there in Kuwait!
    Glad you had a good day after all the planning you went through!

  2. Nora: Thanks! This day of riding got my blood pumping and felt really good! I just need to get some new music on my MP3 player! It was amazing and so much fun! In Kuwait thats what I like that people will always help no matter what, and inshalla it will remain that way! Im not much of a chocolate person but that cake was looking me in the eye!!!!!!

  3. yummy yum yum chocooolaaate ‘3araaaamyy.. 3laik bil 3afyaa..

    that was soo cute what you did to that kid and i hate it when i see young kids with cigarretts they think its cool but oh well..

    i hope you will hav more riding days soon, the more you go out riding the bigger chance there is of me seeing you ;p

    everytime i see someone on a bike i look for your helmet LOL ;p

  4. By the way,,

    ” First off I have riden my bike in over a month ”

    and in your second Tip, tries is supposed to be tires…

    Sorry bss i had to tell you..

  5. Missy


    and you’re not supposed to capitalize the T in Tip when it’s in the midle of a sentence :P (eye-for-an-eye) hehe ;)

  6. Missy

    And I wrote middle with a DOUBLE “D” but I guess someone has to play with the responses before posting them :P weird…

  7. AMo0ora: that cake hit the spot! hehehe! I felt sorry for the kid, he just doesn’t know better. I hope I will be riding more too! Ok I made all the changes you want!!!!!! hehehehe!

    Missy: hehehehe! I didn’t do anything! Your keyboard was messing around with you! hehehe

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