Finally Ordered


Trekstor Vibez

After a while of searching around for a good mp3 player and something new and different I have finally arrived at my choice! The Trekstor Vibez 12 GB Mp3 player! Has the looks and design of a modern mp3 player with a lot of functionality, all for the price of $199. It has the feature to play old mp3s which you haven’t heard in a while, its playlist capabilities are interesting plus all the normal features. And the recharble battery is easily replaceable. I ordered this a couple of days ago from Amazon, but I had to go through Aramex since they won’t do a direct delivery to Kuwait. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It has only been released in the states since the end of december so it isn’t available everywhere. Best Snorkeling Fins – Buyer’s Guide I will write a full review after using it thuroughly!

Link: Amazon
Link: ZDistrict

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I’m looking for one myself! May be I should let you try it and then let me know!!??

  2. Zane you havent joined the iPod craze! Or have you? :P
    Looks elegant! Na6reen il review..

  3. looks cool, will have to check it out once u get it.

  4. wow this looks really coool, alot different than all the other ones out now..
    will be it out in kuwait later ?

    waiting for your review..

  5. 1. mabrook
    2. i am sure enna i read about it somewhere
    3. good choice
    4. if i were to get another mp3 player (which i don’t need) it probably would have been this one

  6. Nora: As soon as I get it I will put it through a thurough test!

    Q8ari: never will join the iPod craze! hehehe.. I will put a review as soon as I get it and put it through the ropes!

    Mark: will do!

    Amo0ora: I don’t think its coming out in Kuwait! Its only available through a few places in the states and even then they are hard to get a hold of!

    Laialy: Im happy this would be one of your choices! hehehe! Alah ebarik ib 7ayatich! I posted about it a while back, it was also on Engadget! hehehe

  7. cooool… it is inviting u to hold it with ur warm hands! I felt lik that lamma shfta …. bil3afya… I am satsfied with my iPod Shuflle! I am hearing what I want from it… w hatha ahm shay! BTW, I liked ur answer: “never will join the iPod craze” as if u r saying: I am dfrnt ! keep it up : )

  8. Sum1: yeah, you want to hold it! hehehe! I’m a rider and that makes me different! :)

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