Night About

I have been running around a bit from work, and I got home around 5pm and I had a late lunch and I had to leave by 6:30pm to go to a family event at my Uncle’s place and I like my Uncle a lot! So I was there for about an hour and then I had to go to a good friend’s Milcha at the Sheraton and so I left and got there around 8:30pm and I stayed there for 45mins! I was really happy for the guy since he is really a good man and the girl is lucky to get such a nice and good guy, and his family is very nice too. Inshalla alah kaatibluhum kil khair!

At that Milcha a friend and myself got really hungry and I really didn’t feel like eating at a buffet so we decided to go get a bite to eat somewhere close which isn’t crowded and we went straight for The Burger Hub next to Al Seef Palace. I have never been there before but I always pass by. My friend knew the owner who was behind the counter in a chefs clothing. I am extremely happy and supportive of businesses which are started by entreprenuers and they put their heart into it. He went into the kitchen when it was getting crowded and I have to say that is one of the tastiest burgers I have had in Kuwait, medium rare slowly cooked with the right amount of condements! Nothing overwhelming the other, it was great. The french fries was good too, and there were a lot of other burgers but I wasn’t sure what to choose so I chose a regular cheese burger with grilled onions cooked until medium rare and it was perfect. It disappeared from my hands quickly and it was very juicy! I’m just happy that there are people who are willing to put some real effort into their business and I hope more people start business like him in Kuwait.

Then Im home watching some Black Lagoon to finish up the good series soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    You made me hungry!! It’s 11:20pm here and I’m thinking of bed!! My man is still at work so can’t ask him to fix me something! Well it only means I’ll go to bed with empty stomach! I’m happy you enjoyed it!
    Good night and looking for your posts tomorrow!

  2. Zabo0o6a

    first, congratulations on ur friends melchaa and 9ij u made me feel hungry i’ve always wanted to try the burger hub but the problem is ina no one yshaje3ney o yro07 weyay so0 i think ra7 arou7 weyak next time :P (just kidding)

  3. aww that sounds like a fun day..

    so happy for your friend.. 3oqbaal ur milchaa ya marzouq ;)

    hmmmm fooood, there are so many places i still need to go and try.

  4. damn u! I’ve stopped junk food and what do u do?! You make me want itttttttttt

  5. Nora: looool! Sorry I made you hungry, I just had to convey the food!

    cixousianpanic: yeah, I was surprised it was this good, i need to go out more.

    Zabo0o6a: thank you! hehehe! I know what you mean, I dont go out much with friends, but you can always go with one or two people. It was just a fling thing.

    Amo0ora: Mashkoora, o inshalla nefra7 ib zawaajich! I haven’t gone out anywhere in ages! It literally has been over 9 months since I have been out eating with friends!

    ananyah: hehehehe! It wasn’t junk food, it was a good healthy burger! Now go excercise!

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