Nice Day


I came back from work to find my nephew and sister in law at our house! The moment I walked in I snuck into my room so my nephew won’t see me and I dropped all my office things on my desk. Then I went straight to the living room and he turns around and puts his hand up wanting me to pick him up, I just couldn’t say no! So I was walking around doing a few things I needed to finish real quick and the funny part is he doesn’t let anyone pick him up except for my sister in law and my brother, my mom wants to pick him up but he doesn’t let her and so she tells me to put him down when I pick him up! hehehehe! He is hilarious because he is getting the hand of walking/running/wobbling! He runs into a few things, but he is learning to avoid a few things! What I love about the kid is that he doesn’t cry much when he gets hurt, he just rubs the spot for a bit and if you dont make a big fuss of it then he won’t react but sometimes he does hurt himself and he is a baby so it can’t be helped. Then we had a late lunch and after that each one of us was playing with my nephew or he chose who to play with at a specific time, it was funny!

After that I had to go out and visit family and roads were wet so I could see cars sliding around again. Its weird both sandstorms and rain, it just really doesn’t help. So I made it to my aunts place and then I had to pick up a phone for someone on my way back so I went to sharq to pick it up. I was driving home and my mind was wandering different places. I was tired as hell because I haven’t been getting much sleep the past couple of nights between family and work so with the music my imagination got rolling, even though I knew I was looking at the road I was driving slow because my mind kept wandering I wanted to keep a cushion between me and the cars in front of me. When I got home my nephew had already left but I was in a daze, but as I went to crash I couldn’t fall asleep until 3am. My sleep is out of wack and I still came into work at 8:30am.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yaay endmjt 7de :D

    nephews a7lla shay bil3aaLLLLLLLLLLLM! Bless them all..

    Its a really nice day! Being with ur family is the most great thing… helping other by bringing their mobile phon is another happiness!! That is really Great Marzooq… but “alla y3eenk” u did not sleep well!

    Good luck w nshalla all of us have “NICE DAY” every day ;>

  2. Sum1: loool! 7amdilla! thanks bes I know there is one day that I completely crash, not sure which one though! hehehe!

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    Man you need to get some rest! I hope you manage to get it soon before something bad happens!

    Your brother and his wife seem to be doing a very good job with their son! I don’t remember not even 1 Kuwaiti kid that didn’t cry to be held up and cries every time he falls or so!

    Sandstorm?? Oh that I forgot how it feels! But I remember driving in the rain and wind in Kuwait!

  4. hehehe… Stress is not healthy for sure… let me tell u nasse7a…I do it, and I do the same as ur program.. am very active I have too many things to do.. I sit and take my nephews out, my family, I help her and him.. etc… and I sleeeeep :P

    Sleep around 10 or 11… (wdee agool 9:30 bs mallee 5ilg tgool dyaayya? :P) and … once u wake for Alfajer prayer.. around 5 something or 6… dont get back to sleep… In the morning u can do billllllillllllon of things before u go to work! I am not sure when ur work starts and how far it is from ur house… But.. the startgey is helpful beleive me ;)
    and u know what? iljsssssm mayrta7 ella blaill ! morning sleep is e7aaa’a w bs :D

  5. i went to bed early last night but for some reason it was so hard to get out of bed today especially knowing i wanna get a lot of stuff done :( ehe ehe i have only done a few things since i woke up seems like it’s ganna be a lazy day

  6. Laialy_q8 ! Its ur nickname that says no sleeping at night :D what shall I do? amm…. wait… if u sleep too much .. u be lazy… for example.. if u sleep early… then u woke mt25r.. u want to sleep more and more… like nooma etjjr noma :S etha nmtaay 8 w g3dtay 6 mthlann !! mara7 tgdreen w bt9ereen kasoola :S agollch shay? awllll matg3deen mn inoom.. saawyy ishay elly y9a797ch ! then go to the rotin stff! ;)

  7. Nora: I took a nice nap after work. 7amdilla they are good with the kid and don’t baby him too much. The cold shoulder makes him get up on his own, its hard but it works! :)

    They the sandstorms kills when riding especially sandstorms!

    Sum1: there is no way I can go to sleep at 10! I wish I could but too much with family! hehehe! And I do get up for fajer prayer, so I know its a lot sometimes but one of these days Im going to get burnt out and I know! You spend so much time at work and you still need to spend time with family.

    Laialy: when unpacking after a move you dont know where to start! I know what you mean! Sometimes you go through those days!

  8. “You spend so much time at work and you still ned to spend time with family”
    ur family sometimes gv u energy more that sleeping : ) Alla y7f’9koom w good luck in work, and with ur family..

  9. Sum1: Very true, especially when I see my nephew! I dont care how tired I am he gives me the energy to jump around, especially when I can here his footsteps running around!

  10. etha bntkllm 3an nephewz we should write a book : )

    thanks god

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