Phone Prices

I was in sharq yesterday and their were a few places which were closed.


: 120KD (Bond Edition)/ 118KD (Brown)/ 113KD (Black)


LG Chocolate
: 110KD


Price: 128KD


: 280KD


: 100KD

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Financy

    i like this jas jam ..

    where can i buy it from ?!

    i think it would be useful for work and organizing my stuff and tasks

  2. the JASJAM is actually a pretty decent phone and has HSDPA built in, if I’m not wrong.

    Marzouq…. I’m trying to get your point about places being closed at Sharq…

  3. i got my K800i for 145 two months ago. i honestly thought this phone price would go up.

  4. Financy: you can buy it from Phone Center! Its really good at doing that and very good screen as well!

    moocherx: you are right it has HSDPA! Some of the places were closed because of ashooraa so I couldn’t get to see all that I wanted!

    Fonzy: It will keep dropping, but not that much since its a really good phone!

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    I hate this!!! You have all the phones like 1/2 prize there!!! I want to get those prizes too!!

  6. that “JasJam” looks pretty nice but 280 is a pretty penny to pay for a phone

  7. I was using the LG Chocolate all of last week, it is cool and not much of a difference from Nokia in terms of the keys to press for the messaging however it is a bit retarded in menu things and stuff like that, I reverted back to my N90 to await my purchase of the N76!

  8. Zabo0o6a

    is n73 go0d? i’m planning to get it since ages but i hesistate every time don’t ask me what ph0ne type i have n0w :P

  9. Nora: hehehehe

    Laialy: yeah, if you don’t use all the features it isn’t worth it. I said it before WinMo on a mobile is pretty good as long as you use all the features

    Jacqui: U always await a nokia coming out! Why don’t you take a simple Nokia you would be surprised how good some are!

    Zabo0o6a: very good, just with the update software. Just go for a phone and stick to it!

  10. i would avod the first 2 phones, the sony ericsson and the LG chocolate .. because we have them both for free in Canada when u get a line from the phone company .. my ideaology is , i always stay away from phones that the company offers .. because they are always cheap and unreliable, i get my phones from kuwait :) which ofcourse they avoid to give the consumer ..

  11. DJ X|FADER: The K800i is a very reliable phone and everyone seems to like it, maybe the reprogramming in Canada by the cell proivder made it iffy! Im not sure of the LG though, but the Sony Ericsson is a good phone from all who use it!

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