Tonight and a few more Days!


Im feeling exhausted at work, not much sleep has drained me but today is my day to do relax and enjoy some movies with the guys.

The first thing Im going to do tonight is:

  • Watch 24 Episode 6 in 720P HDTV

(I dont allow breathing let alone talking while watching 24, and I will snap at people then kick them out!!!)

So after that we are going to pick a couple of movies to choose from with the guys, so that is going to be fun, but I have feeling I might pass out towards the end of the night.

Work seems to be piling up again after I finished up a good amount over the week. So I might have a rough day on Saturday but I don’t mind since Im going to be prepared for it. Inshalla!

I just want to get a lot of riding done this weekend and catch up on Heroes and finish up with Smallville, Im going to make my cousin sit down and not move so that we can finish the series! He is addicted to World of Warcraft’s expansion Crusaders, and he is the type not to leave until he levels up his character all the way. So I either have to rip him from the computer or pour water all over his screen. Finishing up a couple of anime series this weekend hopefully!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    That seems like a good plan! I hope you stick with it and get some rest!

    I keep on forgetting that the weekend there is Thu & Fri!!! How strange when it took me time to get used to having the WE as Sat & Sun!!

  2. Great! Mafroo’9 t3zmna nshoof m3akoom! :))))

    enjoy ur weekend!

    Nore: I talked to a kids’ club in US once time ago, I told him ok on Sunday I will do it.. he said oh no its ok u dont have to do that!!!!!!!!! I can wait !!! and I was surprised ! Then I have relized that he has just knew (or known?) that our weekend is Thursday and Friday! :) lol

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    Sum1: I know what you mean!! When I moved back to Finland from Kuwait, I was saying yes let meet on Thu!! (meaning the W.E.) And they were like: Why Thu?? It’s not the WE!! I think it took months for me to get used to the new W.E.! Now I feel like them: Why Thu?? Then remember (oh it’s the W.E. there)

  4. heheheheh yes… I like differances :D by the way… there was an intention to make our WE Friday and Satarday… that is to help communication btwn Kuwaiti companies or orgnizations and forign Co. … most of GCC countries implmented this, except KSA and Kuwait… as we know if KSA did it.. Kuwait will do it the next day… :D

    For me, I do not mind if it is even monday and tuesday! As we get used to Thu. and Fri. we will get used to the new weekend.. some of my frnds say nooooo… we dont agree for changing the weekend, saying that we have already get used to Thu. anf Fri…. Do u mind if ur weekend days are changed?

  5. 720p is old school .. I started downloading movies in 1080p .. I just need to find a system that can handle it. :D

  6. man i watched 24 till season 4 but i couldn’t continue … i felt it was soooo repetitive!!!
    anyhow it is good that you are enjoying it

  7. u realllly do love 24 dont u ! hehehehe
    enjoy ;)

  8. Nora-Cassandra

    Sum1: I don’t mind really! It’s not that difficult get used to new things, dates and way of life!
    Tell your friends that are saying that no they got used to those days as W.E. that it’s strange they are ready to change home, get married have kids, take off from work to go and see the schools of those kids!!
    All that is change and not what they’ve got used to it, so why do they change stuff in their life if they don’t like change?
    I think Fri & Sat is a very good idea for businesses and life too!

  9. Yes Nora u r rit : ) I really agree wit u.. Life is changing day after day… I like changing too mcuh :D and like u I nvr mind changing… As u say tom. we r gona grow up, married, children.. etc…..

    Me too.. But I am not sure when they will change our weekend… They stoped talking about it…

  10. Nora: I need to get some rest for sure, but I want to watch a lot! YEah I know what you mean about adjusting to weekends!

    Sum1: hehehe! Guys only! hehehe!

    K: 24’s highest resolution is 720p! So thats what Im going for! hehehe! Why dont you get an Onkyo 1080p Dvd player they sell them in Kuwait!

    Ali: your missing out!

    no3ik: hell yeah!

    I wish we could change our weekends to fri/sat! That would be so much better! And normalize all the work!

  11. 1080p torrents are 19 – 25gb! It would take days to download..

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