Music Reorganization


Between all my hardrives and different pcs over time I have duplicated a lot of music and lost a lot of music because of the crashes and transfers. So over the last week I have been getting back some old songs, reorganizing the current ones, and getting new ones. Im not putting them in different folders, I tried that and it was too much of hassle and sometimes its difficult figuring out which genre a song is and I dont want to put the same artist in different genres even though they are in it.

So I made one big file called My Music in the my Infrant NAS and I’m dumping everything in it. There is one file in their called Tehcno & Dance inside of My Music because there isn’t really any duplicates with that, and then I just dump the rest in the normal folder. Right now that made things easier to find and look at.

For finding music I don’t care how I find them, I just want them even if I pay a small fee as long as it is DRM free. I am using four sources to get my music:

This project will take a little while but I do it in my spare time.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    Organizing my music… Hemmm!! I think that is something I should think about! Looking to get back the music I’ve lost and getting rid of the music I don’t want on my PC! But well I think you know me by now! I’m as lazy as it gets if it comes to organizing even if it me music!!

    I still don’t believe that my man asked me to marry him after he has seen how messy and unorganized person I am. Well let all pray for him that he will have God and angels by his side helping him through a long life with me!!

  2. Music/Artist/Album/Track

    Best way to index the music, before fine tunning the tags, always run it through MusicBrainz.
    After MusicBrainz, get all the album art into the tags, add it all to the foobar2k library.

    Trust me, the only other way better than this is to go for:


    And then follow the same procedures.

  3. Nora: hahahaha! Yeah I know what you mean, it takes a bit of time and dedication to go through it! looool! Your man seems to be the organized one in this relationship! hehehe

    Mooodi: thanks I will checkout MusicBrainz and I hope it can find all the tags, and I will check out foobar2k. I do need some help organizing them. I just want to organize them by Artist at least but sometimes I like the mix up of having it all in one folder that way I know what duplicates I have! I want to clear all the duplicates!

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